The Risks of Not Having an IT Helpdesk

Businesses today have moved to operating in the online space, and having a skilled IT helpdesk is critical to keeping company procedures going smoothly. Its mission is to provide technical and technological support for the hardware and software requirements of businesses. This reduces downtime while increasing productivity and efficiency throughout the organization.

However, if your company lacks adequate IT support, its effectiveness and capacity to provide services to customers suffers significantly. Poor IT support services lead to malfunctioning hardware, frequent downtimes, out-of-date software, slow operations, and a variety of other business bottlenecks. Such flaws can have disastrous effects for a brand, such as delayed services resulting in lost sales, decreased employee productivity, and a negative brand reputation.

Let’s dive into these risks a bit more, and see how you can avoid them.

Confusing Workflows and Undelegated Tasks

When you’re running a business, you are probably dealing with a number of different departments – marketing, manufacturing, sales, IT, etc. With so many workflows to pay attention to, having someone successfully monitor the IT infrastructure and its bottlenecks is really complex, especially if you’re not an expert in IT nor is your company closely focusing on it.

Having the mindset of “someone else will take care of it” can lead to lost time and revenue, and of course, you’ll have no one to point the finger at. After all, how could you, if no one was delegated the task properly in the first place?

Not to mention, this is a great way to annoy and lose clients and end-users! So, if you’re interested in building reputation and authority, your helpdesk must be on-par with the tickets coming in and accountable for responding to customer or user queries. You can have the greatest new product or service on the planet, but if you don’t back it up with high-quality service, your firm will quickly decline in reputation.

Badly Prioritized Requests

Another way to get dissatisfied customers is to not prioritize their requests correctly. That way, someone who was 5th in line with a complex inquiry may have their complaint resolved much faster than the person with a simple question who was first in line.

Your team should maximize efficiency and keep systems up and running. If you don’t have professionals who know how to sort tickets, you are almost guaranteed to have downtime and lost revenue.

So don’t stray away from using helpdesk systems who know how to sort through the mess and pick out the critical and urgent inquiries. That way, your workflow keeps chugging along and you tackle tasks with much bigger ease. 

IT staff may prioritize requests depending on a variety of factors, including how many users the issue impacts, how many functions the issue affects, and how time the topic is. Using a help esk platform, they may then prioritize each ticket and rate it on a scale, with one being the most urgent.

Why and How Helpdesk Services Get the Job Done and Bring Results

There are only so many enterprises and startups that can afford live and unlimited 24/7 technical support to keep their operations running quickly and efficiently. That is why so many of them are turning towards IT managed services who are on call around the clock thanks to a paid customizable package that gets their organizations the services they need. Having an inhouse team that is quick enough and paying them all out plus benefits is a nearly impossible feat.

Using a help desk management platform provided by IT managed services providers gives you the best of an internal IT department’s role. The helpdesk assists IT staff in organizing all of the requests that are coming their way and monitor response times. The IT department can use this data to discover which applications are leading to bottlenecks and then determine whether those apps require updates. They may also find out problem spots such as which types of requests take the longest and devise ways to fix those issues.

Not Learning From Past Mistakes and Tickets

Don’t you just hate it when you call up a company who is your service provider just to find out that they have no memory of you being their client? You’re always brand new to them, as if you’ve never made a request before and called with an inquiry. You find yourself explaining what happened the previous time, and you’ll be the one who will need to jog their memory.

The individual dealing with your request is just winging it. They don’t have any past knowledge, so they’re going to approach it as if it’s all brand new to them .If someone is alone in IT assistance, they may face difficulties as they tackle a wide range of potential technical concerns. Without the assistance of others, they are restricted to what they know, and no single person can know everything.

We assume you don’t appreciate such an approach. That is why there are experts out there that are eager and willing to provide proven helpdesk services.

Final Word

If you read all of this, you are probably wondering how there are people out there who don’t choose managed helpdesk services from the start? Well, lots of companies don’t have beneficial software because they are unaware that it exists. Even if they do, busy schedules drive IT professionals to put off exploring new products. That’s why you’ve now risen above that lot, and you know what you should do to charge forward.

If you’re still on the fence about employing a help desk, consider the benefits in terms of time and cost savings, automation, prioritizing, data management, reporting, and community support. The benefits are great, and the risk is small, so it’s definitely worth taking the chance.

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