The Most Popular Cartier Watch Models You Can Buy Today

Are you an aspiring watch collector for a long time already? If so, maybe, now is the only time you have the budget to buy your first ever wristwatch that you want to use as an investment and a family heirloom. Choosing a timepiece is not as easy as preparing your credit card, visiting a jewelry store, and paying for the watch. There are many models to choose from and complex terminology to understand before you can pinpoint the best watch suited for your budget and lifestyle. 

If you are on the lookout for the best luxury watch, why not consider buying from Cartier? It is the go-to brand of watch collectors if they want a practical watch with high performance. When you wear one, people would instantly assume that you are already successful in your field. In this article, we will discover some of the most popular models it offers today.

  • Tank W5200004

The Tank collection was introduced by Louis Cartier which balances classicism and modernity. He decided to use Roman numerals for hours to mimic what the clock in the 17th century looks like. Additionally, he incorporated a square-shaped dial to make it appear more contemporary. The W5200004 model is one of the most timeless and universal timepieces the brand has ever manufactured. It is a statement of style and freedom that can be worn by both men and women. The silver dial comes with blue steel hands for added aesthetics. For the case, it is made from yellow gold materials and sapphire crystal. It has a diameter of 27.4 mm and a height of 5. mm. SInce it has a solid back, you can’t witness how intricate the Cartier Caliber 690 is. The alligator leather band ensures utmost comfort regardless of how many hours or days you would wear it.

  • Santos Dumont W2SA0017

The Santos Dumont series is created by the founder to honor his aviator friend named Alberto Santos-Dumont. He wanted to make his life easier by providing him a watch that can easily tell the time while he was flying. It was the accessory that replaced pocket watches when they disappeared in the mid-1940s. The W2SA0017 is one of the latest models in this series which significantly contributed to the high sales of the company. What’s great about it is that it has a 40-hour power reserve and 30 m water resistance. It means that you have more than 3 days to use it after one complete winding. You don’t have to be afraid of damage whenever a small amount of water enters it. The stainless steel case features rose gold accents making it look elegant and chic. It measures 46.6 mm which is the right size for men’s wrists. 

  • Ballon Bleu de Cartier WSB 0002

The Ballon Blue collection debuted in 2007 which received a warm welcome in the market because of its perfect circular shape. The case features a small circle in a steel case which is used by watch collectors to differentiate it from other collections. The  WSBB0002 is one of the best models in this line because of how distinguishable it is. It has a bold design that can easily blend with other accessories and outfits no matter how formal or casual it may be. It comes with a pink dial with accents of blue which surprisingly look great together. The manufacturer used Roman numerals for the indexes and swords for the hands. In terms of the case, it is made from stainless steel and sapphire crystal to ensure the safety of the dial and the movement. Since it targets the women population, it has a small case size measuring 33 mm in diameter and 9.96 mm in height. Lastly, it contains the Cartier Caliber 076 that allows it to function in 38 hours. If you are a professional diver, you have to take note that it can only survive water with a depth of 30 m. It means that you must not use it when diving, swimming, or snorkeling to prevent deteriorating its performance.

In Conclusion

Cartier never fails to introduce watches that can impress everyone including the kings and empresses. This french company boasts impeccable quality and sophistication which allows it to occupy a special position in the industry. The 3 timepieces listed above are all available on at a more affordable price point so order them now before stocks run out. It is an online marketplace that provides authentic luxury watches including Cartier, Role, and Omega.

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