The major soccer records of Pepe Guardiola

In October 2022, the British magazine “FourFourTwo” recognized the coach of Man City, Josep Guardiola, as the best in the world. It is well deserved. The Spaniard has won everything at club soccer level and set a bunch of records. If you want to place a bet on soccer, you can do it at Betss.

Here are the main records of Guardiola:

  • Reaching the ½ of the Champions League nine times;
  • Scored 10 gold medals in top leagues faster than others;
  • Scored 500 points in England faster than others;
  • Scored 200 victories in funnyjok England more quickly than others;
  • His team scored 500 goals in England faster than anyone else;
  • He has won four consecutive FA League Cups with his team;
  • The greatest number of victories over “Real Madrid” in the XXI century.

Let’s talk in detail about each record.

Reaching ½ of the Champions League nine times

In spring 2022, “Man City” passed “Atlético” and reached the semifinals of the Champions League. This was the ninth appearance in the ½ of the Champions League for Guardiola’s teams. There are also bets available on the Champions League at the betting company Bet ss.

The previous record was set by Mourinho in 2014 (8 times). In addition to the sweet couple, Carlo Ancelotti was in the semifinals 8 times.

10 gold medals in top leagues faster than others

Pep began his coaching career in the 2008/2009 season. During this time, he has already won gold medals in Spain, Germany and England 10 times. That’s faster than any other coach (in just 14 seasons!). You can place bets on the top European championships through Betss login. This record of Guardiola will be difficult to break.

500 points in the English league

In January 2022, Guardiola’s “Man City” scored 500 points in the EPL in just 213 confrontations. The previous record belonged to Mourinho – it took him 231 games with “Chelsea” and “MU”.

200 victories in the English league

In February 2021, the “Citizens” claimed their 200th victory in the EPL under Guardiola. They did it in just 273 games. The previous record belonged to the same Mourinho who reached 200 victories in 309 games. You can place a bet on the winner of the English Premier League if you make a login in Betss.

500 goals in the English championship

In December 2021, the team scored 500 goals in the EPL during the work of the Spanish. It took them only 207 games (~2.5 goals per game). Guardiola broke Jürgen Klopp’s record, whose “Liverpool” scored 500 in 234 confrontations.

Four consecutive English League Cups

Another incredible achievement for “Man City” is four consecutive English League Cup victories in the 2017/18-2020/21 seasons. The Spanish even compared this achievement to winning the Champions League. The record was broken by David Moyes’ “West Ham”, who knocked out Guardiola’s team in a penalty shootout in the ⅛ final last season. Read more “add your site” “list your business in the” “free and paid submission to the” statistics

The greatest number of victories over “Real Madrid” in the XXI century

Guardiola is the coach who has thestyleplus beaten “Real Madrid” 12 times in different tournaments in the XXI century. That’s an amazing result for a Spaniard! At the same time, the “Royal Club” during this time won the Champions League 7 times and dominated in Europe.

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