The entertaining UEFA Super Cup

There are some extremely important football competitions in Europe. Some examples include the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Conference League. Betting on all those tournaments is absolutely possible at the website, which offers great rewards for those who try.

However, for those who win the Champions League and the Europa League, things don’t end there. Since 1972, those who claim those titles have been invited to participate in another competition. It is known as the UEFA Super Cup, and rather than being a full tournament, it is a single match. This is a highly entertaining championship that can be wagered on at the 1xBet platform.

Dutch origins

The origins of the UEFA Super Cup is directly related to Ajax and its incredible Total Football team. While waiting for the next match of the Dutch giants, you can play great games at the ​​ platform.

In 1971, Anton Witkamp was an editor of De Telegraaf, one of the most important newspapers in The Netherlands. His media always published stories about football and the incredible Ajax squad. It should be remembered that this team was led by none other than Johan Cruyff.

Witkamp wanted a football match where the best team of Europe could be decided. Two major European football competitions were played at the time. They were the European Cup and the European Cup Winners’ Cup. He wanted the champions of these two competitions to face each other in a match that would decide who was Europe’s best team. The excellent 1xBet casino is a great platform to spend time before the next edition of the UEFA competitions.


There have been many teams that have claimed the UEFA Super Cup on multiple occasions. It is perfectly possible to wager on this match from mobile gadgets, and to do that, the website is the place to go. Some of the teams that have won the edition on more than four occasions include:

  • Barcelona;
  • Milan;
  • Real Madrid;
  • and Liverpool.

When grouping the winners among nations, it is possible to see that Spain is by far the most successful squad. In fact, they have participated in 29 editions of the UEFA Super Cup. Their teams have won it 15 times, while losing it on 14 occasions. Those numbers are really impressive. This also means that betting on Spanish football from the 1xBet mobile website is definitely a fantastic idea.

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