The Different Types of Pocket Watches: A Guide for the Uninitiated

A vintage pocket watch is an excellent gift for someone who enjoys re-living history. It will remind your giftee of simpler times when the only thing they had to worry about was what time it was. If you’re looking for a truly sentimental gift, this is it. Pocket watches are more than just something that tells the time, they are also symbols of prestige and sophistication. They are hard to come by nowadays, so your gift will stand out among all the others!

The Basics of Pocket Watches

There are 2 main types of pocket watches. Classic (aka Edwardian) pocket watches are famous for their gilded dials and enameled or printed hands. In contrast, modified pocket watches are worn by detectives, action heroes, scientists and other individuals interested in adventure.  It’s hard to beat the elegance of a vintage-style pocket watch. A rare variant, the Meunier Fleurier is considered to be one of the most beautiful pocket watches ever made. If your friend is interested in how to restore a vintage pocket watch, this is a great place to start.  Types of Pocket Watches  Simple & Upscale  Most pocket watches fall under these two categories. These are the traditional pocket watches that everyone seems to own.

Types of Watches

Full and Half-Watches  This is where most people shop. Full and half-watches come in many different styles. You can find all sorts of vintage pieces, rare and modern pocket watches, and countless other variations. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that all pocket watches are miniature pocket watches.  Straight Strap  Straight strap pocket watches are what you are likely to find in a store. Many people buy a normal strap watch to wear with their jeans or a business suit. They offer the highest durability for the price.  Scroll  Scroll pocket watches are one of the most popular types of pocket watches. People want something simple and elegant that’s also modern and stylish. Many people prefer a somewhat smaller caliber to reduce bulk.

What to Consider When Buying a Watch

There are a number of different types of pocket watches available today. Here are some of the most popular and best options for men, women and kids.  Keep in mind that each pocket watch has its own nuances.  This is because each model has its own unique characteristics. With some, there is a small dial inside the case with a second hand. Others, there is a crown. Regardless, each watch has its own unique feature that sets it apart from all the others.  Before buying one, please consult with the professionals. They can offer you a better idea of what to look for.  The Function of the Timer: Time  No one can remember what time it is if they haven’t got their watch. If your gift giver prefers being stylish and being on time, then a men’s vintage-style pocket watch is a perfect choice.

Different Styles of Watches

There are many types of pocket watches, but they all share one thing in common: They are timekeepers. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a large range of pocket watches available, each one has a different look and feel and appeals to a different audience.  Three Types of Pocket Watches  Firstly, you have the Classic Pocket Watch  These watches are the oldest and most elegant of the bunch. They are usually in a fancy box with the inscription “Made in Switzerland.” The Classic Black Pearl this one is certainly not. They are typically priced at around $1000 and up.  Secondly, there is the Sports Watch  These watches are usually made from stainless steel or hard bands. They have a more modern look and are usually lighter and easier to wear. They usually cost around $400 and up.

Antique pocket watches

Now, before we get into the “standard” pocket watch we are all familiar with, let’s take a moment to discuss the history of pocket watches in general.  While pocket watches are as old as the automobile, they were initially created to help sailors keep track of long distances at sea. The earliest forms of pocket watches were fitted with a movable gear with two gears. By turning the gear, the watch would tell the time.  These watches can be made from numerous different materials, including gold, silver, aluminum and steel. They also tend to be quite heavy and expensive. Many antique pocket watches from this time period are made of gold and silver, and engraved with elaborate engravings.  Modern pocket watches  Most modern pocket watches are made from stainless steel.

Contemporary retro watches

The pocket watch of the present century has become extremely versatile and can be adapted to a wide variety of looks.  It has become a common sight to see people wearing vintage-inspired modern watches.  The most popular retro-inspired watches are based on analogue designs from the last century.  These types of watches are all about vintage-style. While it may seem like they are simple and outdated, the technology behind them is pretty much comparable to that of their vintage counterparts.  A good vintage-inspired wristwatch should have a case that features a sapphire crystal, similar to the kind used on an old analogue watch. It should also feature a crown and a mechanical movement.  While not strictly necessary, it would be a good idea to find a watch with an old-fashioned inscription.

How to Wear Your Watch

How do you wear your pocket watch? Well, there are a lot of different styles and patterns.  Here’s a handy guide for the fashion conscious who would like to make a statement.  No. 1 – 18kt Gold Pocket Watches:  18kt gold pocket watches are definitely the best choice if you want to keep the price in check, but still want to make a big impact.  They are super classy and are all the rage with celebrities. If you want to get the most of your money, 18kt gold is the way to go.  This is the style of pocket watch you are looking for.  No. 2 – White Gold Pocket Watches:  White gold pocket watches will definitely stand out, and they will give your watch a special touch.  If you want to buy a completely unique watch that stands out, this is the best route to go.  No.


In today’s world, there are few people who actually enjoy being a watchman. Pocket watches are an absolute must have for every man’s wardrobe. Even if you’re not gifting this unique timepiece to your loved one, you can still carry a well-curated watch collection. Don’t forget to showcase your style on a day to day basis.  There is an old saying in German that says, “every time a man opens his pocket watch, he opens his wallet.” Wear a watch that fits your lifestyle and style and you’ll feel even more confident and alive.  What time is it? Time to buy a watch.

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