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The Best Areas of St. Albans to Invest in Buy-to-Let

Most people have always been making significant decisions keeping in mind their future results. When it comes to investing in the real estate business, buyers make sure to look for its value boost in the long term. London and other boroughs of the United Kingdom have long been high among the many countries and neighbourhoods, with requests increasing from all over the world. Most inner-city areas in the United Kingdom are thriving, and investors are observed approaching estate agents in St Albans to identify the best buy-to-let properties to make passive income. The growing popularity of St Albans is attracting more buyers in recent times for all good reasons. Some of the affluent areas of St Albans for investment are:


The urban neighbourhood in the Eastern part of England is Townsend Drive. It is the perfect area for families and young individuals to reside. From tennis clubs and music schools to primary and high schools, Townsend drive is one ideal place to call it home. This newly popular area of St Albans is indicating an increase in demand for buy-to-let homes. Investing here will be the best decision. 


With a cluster of detached homes along the region, Batchwood is a secluded part of St Albans. The enviable nightlife of St Albans can be seen here at Batchwood clubs. The most widespread highlight of Batchwood is the vast expanse of the golf course that lures people from different boroughs of the UK. Individuals are looking for a private lifestyle usually move here looking for rental properties. 


Sandwiched between the Harpenden Road and St Albans main is the area of New Greens. This is a busy and attractive lineup of shops, bakers, groceries and more. With the help of property management services, it has now become easier to get the best deals on buy-to-let abodes at New Greens. Families are more in number in this neighbourhood for two schools nearby for their children.


The first thing that hits anyone at the sound of The Camp at St Alban’s is the abundant green space where one can enjoy nature and the vibes of comfort stemming from this neighbourhood. A considerable number of people visit Camp regularly, making it an adventure hotspot in St Albans. This by itself is a lucrative deal for investors.


One of St Albans’ most sought-after and expensive neighbourhoods happens to be the Marshalswick region. When looking out for an exorbitant lifestyle at St Alban’s, people can be seen rushing to this neighbourhood. One of the best state schools, roads and the finest properties can be seen here at Marshalswick. It is not so easy to get your hands on a property at Marshalswick without the assistance of residential block management or estate agents.


Unlike the other areas of St Albans, the properties available at Porters Wood are visually appealing and have a unique architectural design. This neighbourhood lies in the business valley region that is 1.5 miles north of the city centre. Porters Wood is a popular residential block where several flats with a wide range of bedrooms can be found here. 


One of the top affordable places to live in St Albans is Jersey Farm. This cosy residential area attracts people to the picturesque countryside that is breezy and beautiful. The prevalent community centre serves as a multi-purpose place where medical and dental practitioners, pharmacies, Tesco express and more. The availability of all necessary amenities makes Jersey Farm an ideal place of residence.


The many neighbourhoods of St Albans attract people, especially the Fleetville area, a flourishing place packed with different restaurants, shops, florists and more. Investors have an eye on this place as most families are seen moving to this part of St Albans frequently. The available properties on the list at Fleetville are mahoosive detached homes. Although family homes are flooding in number, due to the excessive demand, the rental prices happen to skyrocket occasionally. 


The suburban neighbourhood of St Julians is a vibrant area where terraced houses are a popular topic for discussion. This region is conveniently located in a place from where other parts of St Albans are a walk away and effortlessly accessible. The nominal property prices and the decent living spaces encourage working professionals and families to live here. Many temporary residents can be found here, which gives a jaw-dropping opportunity for investors to purchase buy-to-let homes in this area. 

With mortgage loans available at low interest and property prices at an affordable range, it is the best time for investors from local and overseas to consider making a move in this neighbourhood. Keeping in mind the demand, goals for rental income and other factors, one can easily invest here.

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