Technology Innovations in iGaming Industry in 2021

Ever since its birth, the iGaming industry has been experiencing various innovative technological advancements. As it seems, with each passing year, this industry is welcoming more and more changes.

Aside from AR and VR technologies, blockchain technologies and impatiently-anticipated 5G, AI engineering and anywhere operations are entering the scene. Moreover, distributed cloud and business agility are also entering the iGaming scene in 2021.

Even though all of these technological innovations have already been somewhat present on the market, the global pandemic and the effect it had on the iGaming industry prompted faster implementations.

Initially, the pandemic took us all by surprise. However, nowadays, things are starting to look up and beginning to fire back up their proverbial engines. What this means is that companies and businesses are finally starting to focus on growth once more.

That being said, here are just some of the technology innovations in the iGaming industry we can expect to see in 2021.

Anywhere operations

Simply put, anywhere operations is a model for organizing remote work. This includes customer service, virtual worker and employee access, support, product deployment and so on. As mentioned previously, since the pandemic hit, many businesses needed to restructure their operations, leaving the majority of them resorting to remote work.

Luckily, nowadays, anywhere operations has slowly become the new norm.

Aside from abiding by the new social distancing rules, remote work also offers more flexibility to employees. And, not surprisingly, this has led to increased productivity, greater motivation and overall better results.

Since the iGaming industry functions on the same principles as any other industry, these changes were more than welcome.

Additionally, anywhere operations bring forth other technological changes as well. Remote access, cloud infrastructure and automation are just some of the other advancements that follow anywhere options.

AI Engineering

AI is another innovation that’s becoming more and more present in the iGaming industry. In the past, there was a slight problem with various AI technologies as the majority of them were not designed to target specific issues within this industry.

Luckily, nowadays, more and more AI engineers are focusing on developing AI solution that will target specific needs within the iGaming industry.

This not only leads to greater customer satisfaction, but it also significantly helps with retention. And since the world of iGaming is becoming progressively more populated, these types of solutions are becoming virtually mandatory.

Anti-cheat software

Ever since casinos vent online, security became a real issue. Here, it’s important to note that the players weren’t the only ones who were at the risk of compromised security.

Some of the earliest online casinos fell victim to dishonest player behavior as well.

In the past, online players were finding various ways to cheat in online casino games and were specifically interested in learning how to manipulate a slot machine.

Luckily, with all the advancements made in the technology department, the iGaming industry of today heavily relies on various anti-cheat software solutions. Naturally, depending on the sector of the iGaming industry, these solutions do tend to vary. However, their main purpose – preventing cheats – remains the same all across the board.

Distributed Cloud For iGaming Products

Distributed cloud refers to distributing cloud services to various geographical locations, unlike the centralized cloud services that are usually tied to a single location.

What this model allows is reduced latency and network congestion. This leads to minimized data loss between the operator and user, greater customer satisfaction and a better overall user experience.

Needless to say, implementing such services has shown a particular positive effect on the mobile customers, who state latency as one of the most common issues they are dealing with.

Of course, the better the type of cervices you offer to your customers – in this case the iGaming player base, the more positive results you can expect to get.

Business agility as iGaming business trends

Even though the entire world was taken by surprise by the Covid-19 pandemic, people refused to simply give up. Instead, whet these difficult times brought forward was creativity and innovative thinking.

This encouraged not only businesses but consumers as well to reassess their approach and find new and innovative ways to approach even some of the most mundane things.

That’s why, nowadays, business agility is no longer something that’s restricted to IT departments exclusively. Instead, every sector of the iGaming industry started adopting this approach. This new agile boom led to rapid production and delivery of high-quality products and services.

Needless to say, this not only resulted in better profit margins for various businesses in the iGaming industry, but it also piqued interest in consumers even further, leaving them coming back for more.

To sum up

As it becomes quite obvious, the name of the game here is not to focus exclusively on only one aspect of the iGaming industry.

Instead, all the professionals in this field need to work together on expanding the industry further, making it a welcoming environment to various players across the globe.

With the help of all o these technology innovations, as well as those that have been on the market for a while now, the iGaming industry can focus their efforts on creating and delivering only top-notch quality services to their consumers.

Needless to say, such an approach won’t only benefit companies but players as well, which will create an even more positive atmosphere in this already-positive community.

Simply put, the better the services you offer and the more value you bring to your audience, the greater the level of success you can expect to reach.

So, make sure you don’t fall behind trends, but instead implement these solutions in your operations as soon as possible.

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