Study tips for class 8 Hindi.

Class 8 Hindi is very important. It helps to boost the overall percentage. So, one cannot neglect it. Some students might find it difficult to cope up with the language due to many reasons, but with proper planning and regular studies, it won’t be difficult for the students and they can become comfortable with the language.

The NCERT syllabus for class 8 Hindi has four books Vasant, Durva, Bharat Ek Khoj, and Sanshipt BudhCharit. All the books are covered chapter-wise in the NCERT solutions.

NCERT Vedantu solutions class 8 Hindi Is a great foundation as it provides the basic concepts and the solutions in a manner that students can understand easily. The perception of the concepts becomes very important when it comes to language and literature. Unless the students get the proper concept and grip of the language it would be difficult for them to answer the questions. The confidence will come only when one can get the proper handle of the language. With the NCERT solution- Hindi Vasant, students can be well versed with all the chapters as per the school curriculum

The NCERT solutions have all the questions and answers both long and short answers, Grammar sections which are available in a very specific manner for the students to comprehend and grasp easily. You can download Vedantu class 8 Hindi guide pdf for all the solutions of the exercises given in the chapters. The curriculum is well planned and prepared by expert teachers, having vast experience and in-depth knowledge.

Why should students refer to NCERT Books Hindi?

  • NCERT is followed by all schools and educational institutes.
  • It is updated with the latest syllabus.
  • All the chapters are very well explained making it interesting and understandable.
  • Most of the questions in the exams are from NCERT only.

Tips to study for class 8 Hindi exam

Hindi is not a tough language but some students might find it difficult. The reason could be that they are not native speakers and don’t use it regularly. If you are following the study tips regularly you will not find any problems or difficulties in the preparation.

Study Plan

The first study tip is to understand the syllabus and make a planned timetable day-wise. Keeping in mind to cover all the chapters and grammar portions. You also have to make sure of completing the syllabus, allowing enough time for revision. Students should make sure that they are able to have enough time to revise at least twice before the exam. They have at least twice revising before the exam. Remember, never have the habit of mugging the answers. This will not help you in any way. At that moment you might feel that you know but soon you will forget whatever you would have memorized.

Following The Plan

The study plan should be regular, finishing the day’s task according to the plan. The next day when you start the next chapter to revise what you had studied previously. This way while learning the new chapters you will not forget the previous one. Make a fixed place for your study and study in this designated area only. This way you can concentrate and your attention will not be diverted. 

Avoid Screen Time 

Before starting your studies make sure to switch off your mobile phones. This is the worst enemy to distract you from your studies and break your concentration.

Reading and Writing 

Reading and writing both are very important especially with Hindi Literature and grammar. The first step is to read the chapter and understand each word and sentence. Initially, you might go a little slow but it’s absolutely fine. Don’t get disappointed with your speed. The next day when you will read again you will be doing better than the previous day.

Make Notes 

Make your notes every day. Make a note of difficult words and sentences. If you find difficulty in understanding you can always refer to NCERT solutions. Once you have read the chapter, try to answer the questions in the exercises. I am sure you will be able to answer.

Once you are comfortable answering verbally, start writing the answers in your own sentences. You will know better and this helps to develop your writing skills and also the writing speed will be improved which is required to complete your examination paper on time. After the completion of each chapter, there will be some important questions available at the end of each chapter. Try to answer them and compare the answer with NCERT solutions.

This way you will know your performance level and will be helpful to improve your progress.


Once you have completed the question and answers you can go to the grammatical part of the exercise. The grammar portion is very important as this is the main ingredient for a language to be complete. Practice by writing as much as possible. Writing will stay in your mind for a longer time.

Time Checking Is A Bad Habit 

Some students might have the habit of checking the clock every time. If you have such habits, keep everything outside of the study area. This will surely hamper your concentration.

Highlight Important Points 

You can also highlight the important words or sentences which you feel that should be read again. Always make sure to clear your doubts the same day or the next day from your teacher. Never keep it for the last moment as you might forget about the doubt of what you were having.

Don’t Keep Anything Pending 

Do not keep anything pending. Some chapters might require more time and more effort. At such times you can study in small periods with breaks. This way you will not be stressed and you will study with a fresh mind with every start. Your efforts will surely show the best result. While studying, do not lose focus. Don’t study any portions vaguely. This will not help you to remember or understand but it will be a waste of time. 

Whenever you have time just try to glance at the notes that you have written, This is a very easy method of revising. Have proper sleep. Always study with a fresh mind. Eat your food on time. Following the regular planned routine will make you punctual and also disciplined.

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Follow the timetable properly and regularly. Keep your mobile off while studying and always practice writing as much as possible. Finally, think positively. Following these tips will surely help you conquer the language.

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