Simple Ways to Maintain Dog Health

If you own protection dogs, then one of the primary concerns you have about them is how to ensure they stay healthy. Since we know how important this is, we have written this article to show you some simple ways you can maintain your dog’s health.

Without much ado, let’s get started…

Feed your Dog Properly

The health of your furry friend is greatly affected by the kind of food they eat. Hence, you need to be careful when choosing what kind of food you give to them.

Also, what your dog eats depends on its age, health, weight, activity level, etc. Therefore, you need to consider these factors before selecting dog food. You can check out Pethempcompany dog products to learn how to select food that is perfect for your canine pal.

When you pick any food, ensure that its label has the Association of American Feed Control Officials statement. With this statement, you can rest assured that such a product is nutritionally balanced.

Although the media has portrayed dogs to be bone-lovers, the truth is bones can be harmful to your poodle. Other food items in this category include any raw food such as meat or eggs. According to the CDC as well as some other groups, these items have been known to lead to life-threatening health issues.

Bacterial infection especially E. coli is a common issue that many animals face that eat raw meat or eggs. Bones, on the other hand, can tear the intestines or stomach of your best friend. We believe this is something you don’t want. Hence, we advise that you keep these foods away from your furry buddy.

Don’t Skip Vaccination

Dogs also need vaccination in the same way that humans do. Getting your dog vaccinated is a great way to protect it from certain contagious diseases such as distemper, rabies, and parvo.

You should fix vaccination appointments with your vet and ensure that you don’t miss them. Discussing with your veterinarian about the health issues of your Fido will enable them to plan what kind of shots needs to be taken.

If you own a puppy, you should ensure that once it is about 6 weeks old, it should get its first round of shots. You will then maintain a vaccination appointment once in 3 weeks; this will be done until your pup is around 16 weeks.

As for adults, revaccination is required once a year or once in 3 years depending on your dog’s medical condition. Click here to learn why you need to vaccinate your pet.


Just like humans, the level of exercise needed by each dog varies depending on their activity level. Nevertheless, even if they are couch potatoes, you must engage your pooch in some form of physical exercise.

This activity will ensure that they don’t get overweight which can be dangerous to their health. Another reason you need to do this especially if you have an active hound is to provide them with a way to let out the pent-up energy within them.

When your tyke is well-exercised it reduces the risk of lethargy and depression. It also helps in curtailing certain bad habits such as barking, chewing, digging, etc. Canines do these things they get bored.

Some of the exercise activities you can engage your pooch in include walking, playing fetch, swimming, hiking, etc. You need to understand the personality of your dog to enable you to select the right exercise activity that they will be interested in.

Interestingly, when you exercise your Fido, you also get some exercise which is necessary for your general well-being.

Neuter or Spay your Pet

The number of homeless canines that are in shelters is quite alarming. Sadly, some of these dogs end up being killed to deal with overpopulation.

You can also play a part in curbing this overpopulation by neutering or spaying your dog. This minor surgical procedure will ensure that your pet is unable to have puppies.

While some might not be so happy with that, you need to know that this process is quite beneficial to your four-legged buddy. Check out How to Help Your Dog Battle Anxiety And Stress?

It might interest you to know that dogs also get cancer and that breast cancer among bitches is quite common. However, if yours is spayed, breast cancer risk is reduced.

Another thing that the females will benefit from is the reduced risk of getting uterine infections as they grow older. As for the males, neutering will reduce testicular cancer and prostate disease risk. Visit to find out more reasons why you should neuter or spay your pet.

As for the procedures, you don’t have to fear as they are very safe. However, you can discuss it with your vet first to find out if there are any risks.

Brush your Pet’s Teeth

This is necessary in the same way you need to brush your teeth daily. Hence, brushing the teeth of your dog will ensure that it doesn’t develop gum disease commonly associated with other health issues like liver or heart disease. Brushing also ensures that the breath stays fresh; in other words, no more dog breath.

Consult your veterinarian about what toothbrush and toothpaste you should use.

Pay attention to your pet’s dental as very bad breath, bleeding, or discolored teeth could be dental disease signs.


Ensuring that your dog stays healthy is a must for every dog parent. Hence, in this article, we have provided you with some of the simple ways that you can ensure your Fido stays healthy.

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