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Should You Buy a Twitter Verification Service?

Twitter has had a complicated relationship with its verification. From closing public applications for verifications for months at the end to re-structuring how verifications work, a lot has happened with Twitter verifications over the years.

However, one thing is for sure – no matter whether the ‘public’ form for verification is opened or closed shut – some profiles, both individuals and businesses, always seem to get verified no matter what. So yep, people still verified and always have, regardless of Twitter’s public take on their verification system.

And, today, we are going to explore exactly that.

If you’re an individual looking to build a strong online brand – or – if you’re a business looking to add an extra layer of trust and authenticity to your online image – Twitter verification is one of the most obvious ways to get it done. Do you want your audience to feel that you are someone notable? Get verified! Do you want people to know that you’re trustworthy? Nothing communicates that better than a blue badge next to your name.

So, how in the world does one get verified if in-app submissions lead them nowhere? And, most of all, what happens when you Buy Twitter Verification? Let’s explore!

Public and Internal Mediums for Verification

The first thing you have to understand is that for every social media platform, including Twitter, there are internal channels of communication and public channels of communication.

A public communication channel would be when a user applies for verification via the app. Or, if a user is banned or their account is hacked, they navigate to the Twitter support on the Twitter website. These are public mediums of communication.

Now, let’s talk about internal modes of communication. How do you think politicians, government workers, journalists, TV personalities, celebrities, and the likes get verified? Do you think they apply in-app and ‘wait’ for the magic to happen? No. They use an internal mode of communication via a social media agency.

Whether it’s a brand or the next Disney movie that is looking to take over an inactive username they’d like to have, or if a public figure or business is looking to get verified, or anything else in between – all these tasks are done via internal communications.

How does Internal Communication Work?

Do you know the most important type of user to these social media giants? It’s the digital marketing agencies. Why? Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, make all their revenue from advertising. And large companies of all categories worldwide hire digital marketing firms for all their digital advertisement requirements.

Think of this – if you’re a real estate company doing $500m in revenue a year, don’t you think you’d a dedicated digital marketing agency, a dedicated PRand media agency, and so on? Of course, you would.

Now, think of this, large digital marketing agencies manage an extensive list of accounts of business clients. Such agencies have vast monthly spendingon social media platforms. It’s not uncommon for well-established digital agencies to have well over $100m monthly spend across social media for ads.

Don’t you think social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram extend a set of special services for such agencies who in turn bring them such a large volume of orders? Of course!

Larger agencies with extensive spending on ads get access to what we call portals. These are dashboards that agencies are provided by invitation, which gives them a variety of benefits.

How does this all relate to our topic of whether you can Buy Twitter Verification or not? Trust me, it does. We’re getting to it in just a moment.

One of the first benefits is a dedicated support concierge at the social platform. Let’s consider Twitter, for example. Let’s say I’m an agency that spends $10m a month on Twitter on behalf of dozens of my clients that I manage. Twitter would first reach out to me and provide me with a portal and a dedicated concierge. The job of this concierge is to make sure that any problem that I may face with Twitter, ads, and my client accounts, are immediately taken care of. The last thing Twitter would want is for an agency like me to get frustrated and leave.

Now, this portal – let’s talk about that for a moment. This portal is a dashboard that allows the agency to make several requests. From getting inactive usernames to requesting verification, account recovery, and so much more!

The one thing that must be understood is that having a portal doesn’t mean you can do anything you like. For example, you can ‘request’ a verification, which will instantly get your application in front of a human reviewer who willthen make a decision. Having a portal does not automatically mean that whatever you submit will get approved. However, it certainly increases the chances of approval provided that you meet the eligibility requirements.

Can You Pay to Get Verified on Twitter?

To answer that question, you have to understand what portals do. They give you lightning-fast access to humans at Twitter. So, instead of applying via the app and ‘hoping’ for something to click, you can hire an agency that can represent you to their media relation at Twitter, and that will skyrocket your chances of approval.

But – remember, that doesn’t mean that the agency can verify unlimited accounts whether or not they qualify. Nope. You’d still need to have notable and credible online coverage. You’d still need to be a real person or entity. And you still cannot break the terms and conditions that Twitter has.

So – you can Buy Twitter Verification, kind of. I mean, not really ‘buy’ it. But pay an agency to have your application reviewed by someone who holds the button that makes the blue tick appear next to your username. And that is how most people and businesses get verified on Twitter. They don’t wait for the public forms to open up. They don’t hope that the tick will appear next to their profile by some magic. No. They call up their digital agency and have an application raised internally. And voila, a few days later, they are verified! Brilliant, isn’t it? So, should you pay to get verified on Twitter? Well, given that the process of internal application still only gets you verified if you’re eligible and is not some backdoor method that breaks TOS, well, why not? If you have the connections and the budget – why wouldn’t you, as a public figure or a business, invest in getting verified on Twitter? After all, we live in a digital world of which social media is a significant part.

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