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While buying clothes, every woman goes through the reviews of the Dealer Company and brand. When I come across a stylish cardigan, I also look for SHEWIN Wholesale reviews. SHERWIN women’s clothing brand is not as popular as others, but its quality, styling, and fabric are really amazing. I was very excited and confused at the same time to shop from SHEWIN Wholesale at the time of shopping. The confusion was due to not having enough product reviews on this site.

Even at the time of buying, I decided to share my honest reviews with others to feel convenient in shopping. Today, I am going to share my honest review of SHEWIN Wholesale women’s clothing. I not only tried their one product but 5 different products to give you 100% honest suggestions on this wholesale dealer. If you are thinking about whether it’s a legit or scam, let’s dive into the review.

What is SHEWIN Wholesale?

SHEWIN Wholesale is an online wholesale women’s clothing shopping store. This wholesale shop sells all clothing products like jeans, graphic tees, tops, cardigans, coats, sweaters, bikinis, yoga leggings, mini dresses, and ladies’ shoes. It will not be wrong to say that you can shop any kind of women’s clothing product from this site.

Is SHEWIN Wholesale a Legit or Scam?

Yes, SHEWIN Wholesale clothing site is legit. You do not need to worry about scams while buying through this site because it will never take your money and run. Moreover, you will have to spend less than 50% on local brands, malls, and retailers. If you ever see a Sale offer on wholesale women’s clothing, feel free to grab what you want to buy through this legitimate site.

Just like you, I was also very conscious about the quality and fit of clothes shopped through such a budget-friendly brand. It’s a fact that you will not get the quality similar to Gucci just by spending $3 or $5 on a shirt. But unlike local brands offering quality at such low prices, the quality of SHEWIN is more appealing and finer. Take some wise steps while ordering to get both quality and cost-saving clothing.

Does SHEWIN Wholesale offer a Returns and Exchange policy?

Well, there are certain conditions in the returns and exchange policy of SHEWIN Wholesale clothing. One of the major flaws of this site is that you cannot get your full payment back into your bag after returning your order. It’s because the company makes the customer responsible for all the shipping costs you made. It depicts that you can return or exchange your product with another, but you will have to bear some loss.

From one of the SHEWIN Wholesale reviews, I also came to know thetotal the return and exchange policy of SHEWIN within a fortnight. When I returned my ordered jeans, I was unable to get the full payment back. That was the time when I realized the actual return and exchange policy of this site. Think twice and thrice before placing the order to avoid its return and exchange to save your money.

Is SHEWIN Wholesale Sales and Coupons Really Worth Shopping?

I found these sales and coupon offers worthy. No doubt you will always see a discount offer on their website. But all of their awesome sales and coupons are valid. You can take it as their marketing ploy to sell more products at a discount rate. But I am one of those people who love to shop only in sales and coupons. So, it was a very exciting and amazing experience for me.

Another amazing offer that SHEWIN offers to its visitors is the registration offer. By getting registered into this wholesale women’s clothing site, you will be able to enjoy free delivery services along with a $5 offer on your product. Doing shopping from a 70% off flash sale or 10% student discount is a really worth-buying experience you can have.

However, I did not like this site on my first visit, not because of its offer but the trouble of using its layout. If you are feeling the same, just try to be tactical and place an order functionally. Trust me, you are also going to be a big fan of its products after getting your shipment. Enjoy online shopping at available sales and coupons from anywhere you want.

Are SHEWIN Wholesale Clothing sizes perfect?

It depends upon the body shape of you and the model on whom the product was displayed. When I ordered my cardigan, it fit on me. But when I ordered jeans from this site, they did not fit because the model was curvier. My honest suggestion is to order the product of your regular size. Never go for the size down or up while placing an order on SHEWIN wholesale site.

Every product comes with some specifications and guidelines. While choosing a clothing product, check measurements as well, along with fabric type. The best way is to crosscheck your body measurements with guidelines. I am recommending this to you due to my personal experience. After doing so, my third order was really awesome and fit me.

SHEWIN Wholesale Clothing Styles

The most important thing I noticed on this site is the marvelous and fine styles of dresses. You will see a variety of styles and dress codes to wear. I love all the clothes of SHEWIN due to their trendy and up-to-date styles. In fact, you can get an idea about the latest clothing styles and trends by visiting the dresses of this wholesale shop.

Another thing that boosts my confidence in the clothing of SHEWIN is their curvy models. Unlike other retailers who have stick-thin models, this website promotes dress showcasing on curvy models. A curvy person like me can also get an idea of whether this dress will beautify my personality or not. Honestly, I am in love with the styles, comforts, and fabric of dresses SHEWIN Wholesale clothing provides at less cost than competitors.

How long does it take for you to get your SHEWIN parcel?

SHEWIN Wholesale clothing delivery depends upon the shipment method you opt to get your product. You can get your dress at your doorstep even in 24 hours if you avail of their special student offer. On average, the standard delivery time of SHEWIN is 3 to 25 days.

Despite all the offers and sales, SHEWIN never provides customers with free shipment except for the first time. I don’t like to pay shipping charges after buying a dress. The purpose of sharing all this is to be ready to pay delivery charges for all the parcels lesser than the $100 cost.

Final Verdict!

Based upon all the facts I discussed, my experience of buying wholesale clothes was good other than the sizing issue I faced once. If you think and invest some time choosing the products, you will also enjoy a great experience. Whenever you buy a product from the site, make sure to check its size by a single right-click on the product. Instead of getting lazy and wasting your money, you should have an overview of the full SHEWIN website before picking up your favorite item. I hope to be helpful to you. Enjoy shopping for wholesale clothes online!

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