Seven Things You Can Do To Save Self Storage Epsom

Epsom is a town in north Surrey, London. It has plenty of entertainment, cozy pubs, dining options, shopping, and plenty to enjoy the great outdoors. It also offers fantastic storage facility services by Self Storage Epsom. 

You could require a self-storage unit for multiple reasons, and luckily, Self Storage Epsom caters to every storage need – be it for personal reasons, business or student requirements.

It can be tempting to plunk down everything in boxes and cartons and dump it in a self-storage unit and call it a day. However, a self-storage unit is not just a big closet with a lock. 

Struggling with moving, loading and removing your belongings can get stressful if you don’t make wise decisions while storing your things. 

Self Storage Epsom offers a wide variety of services to make the moving and storage process easier for you. Whether you should opt for a climate-controlled unit, which size to rent, how long to rent it for, here’s a helpful and informative guide for you. 

Climate-controlled units:

Storage units can suffer major temperature fluctuations causing damage to your valuables. Climate-controlled self-storage units take the edge off of outside temperatures – the air-system triggers when temperatures get unfavorable. 

Customers get peace of mind by renting a climate-controlled storage unit. The idea is to regulate the temperature in the building as best as possible. Even though it’s more expensive than regular storage units, it is worth the extra expense. 

If you are worried, prolonged temperature exposure will cause harm to your belongings, then opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. It controls heating and cooling; that’s why many businesses choose it like wine, and skincare inventory can be housed with complete ease and comfort. 

Suppose you wish to keep your antique wooden furniture safe from humidity and extreme temperature that could warp and degrade even the well-constructed pieces. In that case, a climate-controlled storage unit will work wonders for you. 

Multiple storage unit sizes and which one to choose:

Storage Epsom offers numerous sizes of storage units. You can store anything from paper documents to more oversized furniture. All the units are 7 feet in height except for the 12 sq ft unit; it is 4 feet in height. Following are the available sizes:

12 sq ft closet space: 8-10 storage boxes or 4-5 large suitcases.

15sqft large closet space: 10-12 storage boxes or 5-6 large suitcases. 

25sqft studio flat: one bedside table, one TV stand, one TV set, 10-12 storage boxes. 

50sqft flat/small office: one double bed, 1-2 seater sofa, one bedside table, 15-20 storage boxes. 

75sqft two-bed flat/small office: one double bed, 1-3 seater sofa, one wardrobe/drawers, 25-30 storage boxes. 

100sqft three-bed flat/single garage: two double beds, 2-3 seater sofas, bedroom and dining furniture, 35-40 storage boxes. 

200sqft five-bed house/double garage: living and dining furniture, kitchen appliances, bedroom suites or 150-180 storage boxes. 

300sqft seven-bed house/large office: all household items, seasonal stock, 12-person office or 250 storage boxes. 

400+sqft ten-bed house/large office: all household items, seasonal stock, sixteen-person office or 300+ storage boxes. 

The larger the storage unit, the costlier it will be but cramping your belongings in one confined space is not wise. It will only cause damage to your things. To avoid it, pay heed to the size you select. 

Secure and efficient personal storage:

A self-storage unit will come in handy if you are short on space and have a lot of belongings but nowhere to store them. Items accumulate over time, and you lose track of them which causes clutter, chaos and stress. 

Renting a secure self-storage unit will allow you to have a clean living space, and you will strive as well as have a breather. 

One of the reasons self-storage units are popular is because they offer a safe, secure, protected and convenient location for your precious items. Your stuff is under 24/7 surveillance by our security cameras, ensuring your unit is safe and sound. 

With self-storage units, you get the opportunity to come whenever needed and how often. You can store and remove your items when it’s most convenient for you. 

Self Storage Epsom will find the best storage unit for yourself that will fit all your needs. 

Label your boxes and cartons: 

Searching for something in a sea of unmarked boxes and cartons is a nuisance and a headache. If you want to avoid this nightmarish task, permanent markers or label makers are your best friend. Tag your boxes before you store them. 

You might find listing all the items at the side of the carton or plastic boxes fitting and advantageous. You can also choose to color-code them. It will further help you sort, arrange, and search for your stuff when required.  Click here for getting most popular news.

Store furniture smartly:

If you plan to store furniture, don’t forget to buy furniture covers. Protect your mattress, wooden furniture like tables and consoles, couches against dust, mildew and any other damage. You can also cover them with large sheets if you don’t have the time or are short on budget.

Invest in clear bins and bubble wrap: 

Clear plastic bins are a life-saver. They are sturdier, durable, reusable, and stackable. Best of all, they are see-through. Even then, we suggest you label your boxes clearly, so no confusion takes place, resulting in frustration and wasting a huge chunk of your time looking for things. 

The following essential item is bubble wrap. It will protect your delicate valuables from damage and loss. You can also wrap your fragile items in newspapers, t-shirts or sheets. 

Get your items packed professionally:

If all this sounds overwhelming to you, we have a suitable option. Our efficient and hard-working team will pack all your belongings with utmost care. 

They come with all the necessary packing items and the quantity you need. You can sit back and relax while the team does all the hard work. Backbreaking work like packing, lifting, loading and unloading is tedious and challenging. 

Our professional team handles the whole packing process efficiently and skillfully. 

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