Say Bye To Your Dandruff With Caster Oil

Are you tired of using the best supplement or expensive treatments for hair, but nothing is working out. Why not try the most common and easy approach for the best hair for dandruff? Hair oils such as jojoba, almond and olive oil and other essential oils work as a magic potion for hair health. To make things easier for you, read on to know the best oil for treating dandruff permanently, easily and effectively in no time.

Know dandruff

Dandruff is the flakes on the scalp skin and can occur due to oily or dry scalp. It also causes itching and irritation. This is where castor oil comes in. Most people swear by it for hair growth, and our ayurveda has also prescribed it and has been used by our ancestors for years for the best hair volume and texture. Here is the list of benefits of using castor oil.

Benefits of using castor oil

Rich in omega-6 essential fatty acids and ricinoleic acid

Fatty acids and ricinoleic acid stimulate the scalp and provide more nourishment to improve hair health. It fights the scalp dryness and reduces the dandruff issues; therefore applying castor oil is proven to be effective.

Has antifungal and antibacterial properties

Its antibacterial and antifungal properties fights the microorganisms and pathogens and cures the dandruff issues, making it efficient enough.

Balances scalp’s pH level

As mentioned earlier also, it contains omega fatty acids, which helps in moisturising hair and balancing the pH of the scalp. If you are dealing with dry scalp issues, then castor oil can do wonders to your hair health by moisturizing your scalp and making it healthy. And if you have an oily scalp, it will balance the oil secretion pH level in your hair and thus stop the dandruff formation.

Choosing the right castor oil

When picking the castor oil online/store for dandruff control, make sure you go for the cold pressed and 100% authentic and pure one. Choose the variety and check for the purity too.

How to use the castor oil for dandruff treatment?

You can directly use it or warm it up. Castor oil has a very thick consistency and is sticky in nature, due to which it may feel heavy on the scalp and you need to put a little bit effort while shampooing. If you are okay with the thickness, you can continue using it, if not then you can reduce the thickness by blending it up with lighter oils. You can use jojoba, olive or coconut oil to blend along with it.

To increase its effectiveness, consider adding a few drops of essential oil like lavender oil for scalp relaxation, lemon oil for dandruff, rosehip oil for hair growth, rosemary oil for hair growth too, etc. and enjoy a perfect champi (head massage).

Bonus tip

To control fizz, add a drop of castor oil to your conditioner.


Following a perfect hair care routine can help in maintaining good hair health. Incorporate castor oil in your hair care routine for amazing results.

What are your ways of fighting dandruff? Share your techniques in the comments below.

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