Safety Rules And Guidelines To Be Followed For Axe Throwing Game

Axe throwing is an exciting game that is enjoyed in Georgia taking care of all the safety precautions. It might be an intimidating activity for some people, but there is nothing to worry about as long as you are guided by professionals and following all safety measures. There are more chances of getting hurt in a driving range or a bowling alley than in the axe-throwing arena. 

Safe axe-throwing arena in Sugar Hill

While looking for axe throwing near me options in Gwinnett, you will come across a family-place Axee Master Throwing in Sugar Hill. This place ensures that every player follows its rules to have a safe and enjoyable axe-throwing experience. The staff and coaches ensure that players strictly follow the safety rules and guidelines, failing which they might even ask the players to leave the throwing area. 

Axee Master Throwing offers regular and interactive targets for hitting the bullseye. They also welcome kids under the age of 8 years to play for free with kid’s foam axes and targets. However, kids under the age of 16 years need to be accompanied by at least one adult. 

You can have a group or corporate bookings and also participate in the axe-throwing leagues. They have few ground rules to ensure a safe axe-throwing experience for their patrons.

  • Follow the Game Master’s instructions at all times.t all times.
  • No smoking, weapons, alcohol, pets, or flashlights are allowed on the premises.
  • No rude or lewd behavior with their staff or other players.
  • No heels are allowed as it is mandatory to wear proper closed-toe shoes.

Book in advance with Axe Master Throwing to have a wonderful time with your family, friends, or even colleagues. Just follow proper safety axe-throwing rules and you will have an exhilarating experience of your life.

Rules for axe throwing game

Hatchet throwing Sugar Hill is safe and enjoyable only for you, but other patrons as well only if proper safety rules are followed. 

While throwing

  • Players must have their back foot behind the black throw line.
  • The red safety line is not to be crossed while throwing axes.
  • Cross the safety lines only after throwing the axes.
  • Never throw until the players in the adjacent lane have finished their throw.
  • No food and beverages are allowed inside the yellow line.


To make hatchet throwing in Sugar Hill safe and enjoyable, the arenas are particular about the clothing they allow inside the premises. They do not allow loose-fitting garments like scarves, shawls, sweatshirts, and accessories as these create unsafe conditions during the activity. For this reason, brimmed hats are also not allowed. 

Safety precautions

  • Players need to sign a waiver before participating.
  • All axes need to have a wooden handle and not a rubber handle as the former is the safest axe to use. 
  • The wooden targets are sprayed with water so that the axes stick to them and also to reduce chipping and splitting. 

Safety is the first and foremost thing that any Sugar Hill hatchet throwing arena professional would have in their mind. The coaches demonstrate throwing axes while also monitoring the overall safety of the patrons.

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