Removing Makeup & Cleansing the Skin

When wearing makeup, it is often necessary to cleanse using a multistep process. Start with a makeup remover or tissue-off cream to dissolve much of the makeup, avoiding the eye area. The skin around the eyes is especially delicate and can be easily irritated. There are makeup removers specifically formulated for this area. Take a cotton pad dampened with the product, and rest or press it gently around the closed eye. Wipe lightly. Do not tug or pull on the eye or surrounding skin.

Apply cleanser to the entire face. With a cleanser appropriate to your skin type, massage the product into your skin with an upward circular motion. Include the neck, under the ear lobes, and the chin. Dry the face with the softest natural-fiber towels you can find. Pat the face dry. Rubbing or hard wiping creates small abrasions on the skin surface, causing irritation, redness, and even swelling.

The most important kuttyweb skincare step is ensuring hydration. Skin’s tone and flexibility depends on the presence of water in the underlying tissues—water drawn from humidity in the air and moisture added to the skin’s surface. Oil is the skin’s natural protectant, preventing moisture from leaving the skin. Oil in the skin functions as a defensive barrier.

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It smoothes the texture and helps to maintain skin-cell health. When oil glands overproduce, the skin appears greasy, and when the glands underproduce, the skin becomes dehydrated and flaky. Adding moisture to the skin helps maintain skin firmness, smoothness, softness, and luminosity.

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