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Reels Vs. IGTV Vs. Stories: How To Boost Your Brand’s Post On Instagram?

Do you think how is it better to post your brand’s content on Reels or IGTV? Are posting Reels and IGTV seems to look similar? Then what do you think about Stories? There are simply three usual questions that a brand should have when it comes to Instagram video types. First, the fact is that Instagram continuously updates based on the algorithm where audiences become engaged with the content. So if you need to be one among the top of the recent trends, stay connected with Instagram. And be sure buy Instagram likes cheap to boost your posts. Second, are you unsure how you must post on Instagram? Reels, IGTV, or Stories are the effective posting content on Instagram or the difference between these posts. This article will offer you a complete outline to reply to your questions. 

Let us kickstart by defining every of these Instagram video content formats:


Are you trying to improve your visibility on Instagram? If yes, start to buy real instagram views that make your content niche recognizable among your audiences. IGTV is the perfect platform for top-quality edited videos as you can post a video of up to 60 minutes in length. IGTV videos are vertical like selfies. With IGTV, the discovery process is a little straightforward. 


Reels are Instagram’s replacement for TikTok videos. Its fundamental use is to entertain, which is 15 seconds in length. You can slow down or speed up your video clips, include filters, merge in audio, include a voiceover, patch with music soundtracks. Reels are more discoverable on Instagram than on IGTV. 


Instagram’s Stories are similar to Snapchat’s features as they are not exclusively videos where it can be static images, text, or other animated content. While this platform has lots of users, there are still some cons of Snapchat everyone should consider.. Stories are more attractive than Reels and IGTV, as you can like and comment. But Stories let you create polls, use timers, make posts, or get on the run feedback from your followers. You can even go live with Stories in a relevant manner. 

When Must You Post? Best Comparison Of Reels Vs. Stories Vs. IGTV

You may be surprised when it comes to using every form of video content discussed above. Are you trying to target exclusively or combine your Instagram marketing strategy? Do you want to know among IGTV, Stories, Reels which performs better for your particular brands? 

The reply is perfect yet a little complex. It all depends on the online business, the brand you must build, and how you communicate with your audiences and sources. So think about some of these factors while making your decision.  

  • For any marketing video content, you must conduct tests before making your strategies. For instance, you can try out all these video formats like Reels, IGTV, and Stories. Then, look at how they perform among your audiences before estimating how you make use of these resources. 
  • IGTV is generally the best choice for educational content format as you need to have 60 minutes of video to run. 
  • Reels have a longer duration than IGTV and Stories as the Instagram algorithm can pick them up at any time. So making it more visible among the new followers is simple on Reels. 
  • Stories play an essential role in the Instagram app for your followers, adding links for external websites. Also, you can pay for the sponsored Stories and display them as Highlights at the top of your profile. 

The best possible way to increase the video views on Instagram is by using Trollishly that helps you gain followers. Or, you can also check Buy Better Social and purchase views for your Instagram videos for only $1 for 200 views! Also, start to use Reels, IGTV, and Stories strategically for your video content. Users and content creators uniquely use Instagram and have different preferences for the type of content they like to engage with. If you need to double up the content style, then ensure that all are working on the right track. 

Final Takeaways

Instagram updated itself during the last few years, where brands that don’t follow the trends are falling. The fact is that Instagram is always trying to follow the way users share and communicate with content to make people on their profiles for longer. So Instagram with Trollishly helps to increase the profile’s revenue and visibility. IGTV, Reels, and Stories are all the perfect features for successful social media platforms.

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