Reasons to Move to Brighton

Popular for its culture, vibe, infrastructure, travel destinations and much more Brighton is a good choice for living. The place is not only a good and popular tourist attraction but also a wonderful place to live. Families and students both can choose this place for living. The letting agents in Brighton describe some of the popular reasons to move to Brighton below.

The place offers quality education

Brighton offers ample learning opportunities to the students. Both University of Sussex and Brighton University offer various courses for the students to choose from. Adding to this the leading universities of Brighton have multiple independent schools run by the state and also have several special colleges for music and art.

Shopping lovers have a lot to explore

If you love shopping then Brighton has a lot to serve you. Brighton is home to many self-reliant designers and creators. These designers and creators present their work in boutiques and shops located across Brighton city. You can go around the city from North to South lanes and also visit the Churchill Square Centre for shopping to shop amazing stuff.

The place serves great cuisine

Brighton boasts diverse and unique culinary options. It has a wide array of restaurants. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian or complete vegan foods whatever you are looking for Brighton has it all. Brighton has more options for vegetarian and plant-based eateries than places like London or Manchester. But it also provides good options on the menu to meat lovers. So if you are planning to shift to Brighton, food can never be a hassle for you at this place.

The place offers amazing career opportunities

Those who are not looking to work in London don’t need to worry. Brighton offers you satisfying career opportunities. Also, if you have a hidden passion that you want to convert into business then shifting to Brighton can fulfil that dream. Brighton has an approx 87% survival rate for new business. With this, it can be estimated that it is an ideal location to start a new business with a higher chance of success. So both in terms of working and owning a business Brighton has ample career opportunities.

Brighton is home to great art and culture

If you have an interest in art and culture then this place has it. The place is a combination of unique art and a quirky atmosphere. Located in the heart of Brighton, the Royal Pavilion has a wonderful collection of galleries and several breath-taking exhibits. Also, to celebrate the unique and quirky diversity and culture of the city, Brighton hosts several festivals like the Pride, Brighton Festival, and Brighton Fringe. Art and culture lovers can have a gala time while staying at this place.

Breath-taking beaches cannot be missed

The 8-mile-long pebble beach is situated at Brighton, which adds to the beauty of the city. The beach has shallow water thus, making it safe for swimming and an ideal destination for a family day out. If you are fond of water but do not prefer swimming in deep water then this place is a blessing in disguise. Not only this but Brighton is also voted as the best beach break travel destination in the world. To sum up, the art, culture and beaches make this place a perfect destination for enjoyable weekends if you plan to stay here.

Street arts are an addition

With time street artists and street art culture are growing in Europe. Brighton has some quality street art and artists. You can get to see some spectacular street art and graffiti while walking around the city. And if you love posting wonderful artwork to your Instagram then you can also join the weekly street art tours that are offered by the Art Republic.

That was all about some most specific reasons to shift to Brighton.

In summary, Brighton is a great place to live in all terms. The education and career facilities offered along with the aesthetic and quirky environment of the place make it perfect for all age groups. And the beaches and lovely artwork are the cherries on the cake. Shifting to Brighton is a good choice if you are looking for a place that has infrastructure, and facilities and is rich in surroundings.

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