Quartz bangers from America and the Different types

Dab rigs have become the popular choice among stoners to enjoy the herb. Off late, there has been an increase in the use of concentrates as well. This leads to people using a new type of nail that can hold more concentrates. This nail is called a banger. It is made with several different types of materials. This article deals exclusively with quarts bangers from America and the different types.

What is a Banger?

It is an essential accessory of any dabbing sesh. It is basically a nail, a dish really, where the concentrates are packed. It refers to the shape of the nail. It has a small bucket and a joint that connects with the rig. The bucket and the joint are connected via a small bent tube. Bangers are popular due to their ability to control temperature and optimally use concentrates. Several materials like ceramic, glass, and titanium are used to manufacture these. However, it’s the quartz bangers that are preferred.

Quartz Bangers and its Advantages

  1. A strong and durable material– quartz works tough against heat. Plus, it doesn’t scratch, disfigure, or dent easily.
  2. Longer dabbing sesh– due to its ability to withstand heat, a quartz banger can hold more concentrate without you having to heat it regularly. This ensures prolonged dabbing sessions. Additionally, quartz allows you to enjoy dab sessions at low temperatures.
  3. Better dabbing experience– quartz as a material doesn’t tamper with the flavor and aroma of the concentrate. Thereby, ensuring you a smoother dabbing session.
  4. Low maintenance– quartz is chemically inactive therefore it doesn’t react with the concentrate, nor does it let the herbs stick to the insides of its wall. So, it is easy to clean.

Quartz Bangers from America and the Different Types

Now that we have established that quartz bangers win as the best dabbing nail, we will now weigh out the reasons as to why American made quartz bangers are better than China made. This comparison can be done on several levels.

  1.  American made bangers reflect great craftsmanship in comparison to their Chinese counterpart.
  2. Secondly, the one made in America is more durable and cleaner.
  3. By clean, we mean the welding of the bangers is more artistically done in the ones made in America. They sit better on the rig and do not carry any flaws.
  4. However, the biggest gamechanger is the fact that an American made quartz banger can cost way more than the Chinese one. You could get yourself Chinese made bangers for less than half the cost of an American one.

The Different Types

There are several types available to choose from. Some are more popular than the others-

  1. Thermal- meant for those who take their dabbing seriously, it retains heat for a longer duration because both the insides and the outsides of the Quartz nail get heated. This means you need not reheat it and enjoy a longer sesh.
  2. Angle cut– one of the earliest designs in the market, this one allowed for the concentrate to flow to the back of the banger by angling the position of the carb cap.
  3. Flat top- in contrast to the angle cut, this one allows you to let the carb cap sit on and go handsfree.
  4. Opaque bottom– a somewhat economical option in this one; the bottom stays heated for a very long duration while the side walls cool down. Thus, you save on the butane cost.
  5. Color Changing Cadmium– as the name goes, the color changes from yellow to orange as you keep heating the nail. Once you know your preferred shade, you will never have to time the heating of the nail again.
  6. Bangers with Inserts– the idea behind this innovation is that once it is heated up, you set down the insert carrying the concentrate. This way you will only have to clean the insert only and not the entire instrument.
  7. Low Temperature Core Reactor– have a big piece of thick quartz placed inside in the center of the bucket. This piece will retain heat for a longer duration. These work well when you are looking for a longer dabbing session with low temperature. To use this type, one would require a carb cap.
  8. Round bottom– this one allows a stoner to pack more concentrate that can vaporize more easily and provide a better dabbing sesh. They are easy to clean, and the round bottom doesn’t let any concentrate to leak.
  9. Thick bottom– these are ideal for those looking to dab at low temperatures. The thick bottom lets you reach your preferred temperature and enjoy the concentrate for a longer duration.
  10. Hybrid bottom– this is a cross between a round bottom and flat bottom bangers. They perform dual purposes. They look aesthetically appealing as a flat bottom but function as a round bottom one. It is thick and flat on the outside while rounded from the inside. This design retains heat for a longer duration so that you can enjoy longer dabbing sesh.
  11. Splash guard– true to its name, this design doesn’t let any oil to leak into the neck. So, basically, it doesn’t let any concentrate go waste. All this is possible because this design has a taper fitted in the middle of the head.
  12. Long bottom– the idea behind an extended long head is that this type can be used for the cold start dabbing method. In this method, a user first packs the concentrate and then heats it from the bottom. The biggest advantage of this design is that it can be used as a regular Quartz nail or for the cold start method.
  13. Auto Spinner– one doesn’t require a propriety cap to use this one. The spinning feature spreads the oil perfectly for it to vaporize at low temperatures.
  14. Terp Slurper– is perfect for longer dabs at low temperatures. This design has been awarded the most popular one for the year 2020.
  15. Blender– the newbie in the market, this design carries a few positive features from other designs. It can be used with numerous types of pearls and inserts, spins like the Auto Spinner, and is easier to clean than the Terp Slurper.

So, this is our list of some of the popular Quartz bangers in the market. We may not have covered all but certainly did justice to list out the Quartz bangers from America and the Different Types.

Concluding Words

All bangers are not made equally. That is to say, every type is different from the other. One needs knowledge in this area to choose the one suited for them. Quartz bangers from America and the different types it offers are touted as the best ones when it comes to quality and durability.

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