Pure Volume to Close in 2016 | Pure Volume songs | Pure Volume sign up

The website of alternative and acoustic band PureVolume was a hit with music lovers. While new band registrations dropped after 2010, many top-level musicians made use of the website to gain exposure. Artists such as Woods of Ypres, Inner City Surfers, Bad Side, Lion Ride, and Fitswitch are among the many who have made use of PureVolume. The website was founded by Mitchell Pavao, Brett Woitunski, and Nathan Hudson.

As an artist-driven music platform, PureVolume livinggossip has made a name for itself as a platform to promote emerging artists. Artists can create profiles on the site, which typically include information, photos, and music available for free streaming and download. Fans can also build their own profile to interact with artists, track their favorites, and leave reviews and ratings. The site was acquired by SpinMedia in 2010, and has plans to relaunch as a standalone music service.

After spinning off PureVolume, the website was sold to Hive Media. This company acquired Idolator and Buzznet, two other music websites. PureVolume is expected to close in 2016, but the songs will remain on the site for as long as possible. While PureVolume’s closure is sad, the founders are optimistic that music lovers will continue to pstviewer enjoy music on the site. It will be up to the future to decide how to proceed with the website.

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