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Puneeth Rajkumar known as appu was an Indian actor, singer, television presenter and producer who worked at Kannada cinema industries. He was known as popularity with the name of power star. He was one of the most valuable and famous celebrities as also highest paid actor at Kannada film industries in Tamil Nadu. Here we also brief deeply about him as BIOGRAPHY and FILMOGRAPHY.

BIOGRAPHY of Puneeth Rajkumar:

Born in March 17,1975 at Chennai in India.He was son of matinee Idol Rajkumar and parvathamma rajkumar and he was their fifth and youngest son. Puneeth rajkumar married with Ashwini revanth December 01, 1999.They were met common friend as known usual we saw them when any programming show and personal life style. They had two daughters. Puneeth Rakkumar had a number of four siblings-Shiva Rajkumar, Raghavendra Rajkumar, poornima and Lakshmi. As a brother shiva rajkumar is also popular actor who is award listed person.

FILMOGRAPHY of Puneeth Rajkumar:

Rajkumar performed lead rules number of 29 movies and others activities is also most popular with Tamil nadu language basis program. He was started his acting career at age of eight. His first child acting basis movie such as premada Kanike(1976), sanadi appanna (1977) was also thriller movie. He had acting as a child actor from 1976 to 1989 when he was impress many directors.

Debut as a lead and breakthrough movie had started career in the year of 2002 film name MASALA as a thriller & romantic basis movie. Then, he had achieved popularity with various kinds of human. Puneeth Rajkumar’s best movie list such as abhi(2003),Veera Kannadiga(2004),ajay(2006),Zinda dili(2019) etc were most popular basis movie.

Puneeth rajkumar was came to the lime light of the year of 2010 back to back hit movie. The first one was Jacob verghese’s political thriller movie like ‘’Prithvi”.His next hit action movie ‘’Jakie”.

In 2019 his film “Natasaarvabhowma’’ movie was blockbuster hit released after 2 days gain commercial success.

Playback singer of Puneeth Rajkumar:

He was a popular play backer as well as good in tamil language. His popular hit songs also most views “jothe jotheyall” as duet sang from “vamshi” movie. He was sang fast number “Jakie” movie. He had also sang his brother Shiva’s film “lava Kusha”and“Mylari’’.Puneeth rajkumar had sung a song “Kanna saana Indhatene” for akira movie.

Puneeth rajkumar Awards:

Puneeth rajkumar had got five award such as National award for best child artist in 1985 of the movie name was “Bettada Hoovu”.This ward achieved also from Kannada film industries in 1986.

Beside that “ARASU”(2007),Hudogaro(2012) best actor award achievement from Kannada film industries.

He had also got filmfare award 2016 best actor due to “RANA VIKRAMA”.

Others activities by Puneeth:

Puneeth was also involved in philanthropy with his mother at Dhama Ashram. He had taken responsible for a large number of parent less child. He donned his eye before he died.

At the end:

A leading south indian regional cinema has died after a heart attack at GYM session. Then, took him nearest a hospital at Bengaluru. The doctor confirmation he had died of the age of 46.At this moment we talked RIP.

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