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Pros & Cons of Hiring a Part-Time Maid

Have you found yourself debating whether to hire a part-time maid or full-time maid? If you want to mull over the different pros and cons of hiring part-time help to neaten up your home, look no further!

Let’s follow the “bad news first” policy and examine the cons of hiring a part-time maid.


They’re not as familiar with your home

No one knows your home as well as you do. A part-time maid is no exception to this general rule. While a full-time maid may have more time to grow accustomed to the ins and outs of your home, a part-time maid has fewer hours to do so. 

Everyone has different cleaning preferences, privacy wishes, and routines they like their hired help to follow. By hiring a part-time maid, you are hiring someone who may not adjust to your preferences as swiftly as you may like.

Cleaning a home you’re unfamiliar with can take longer as well. Any maid, be it full-time or part-time will need time and practice to make perfect.

They have other clients

As is to be expected, your part-time maid will have other clients that require their time, energy, and booking schedule. Although all maids strive to maintain professionalism with every single client, hiring a part-time maid with other clients and responsibilities may mean that you cannot be squeezed into your preferred timeslot, or able to build as strong of a relationship as you would like with your maid.

You see them less often

Often, hired maids and housekeepers become like part of the family. Think about it; this person spends many hours in your home, familiarizes themselves with your family, and wants nothing but the best for you. 

While building a close-knit relationship with your full-time maid could be a reality, building this relationship with a part-time maid is less likely, simply because you see them less often.

They’re part-time

For some, being part-time is the highlight of having a part-time maid. For others, hiring a part-time maid is a money-saving effort rather than a preference.

Having a cleaner that is part-time means they do not have as much time to clean your home and do not come to your home as often as a full-time cleaner would. The result of this is potentially a messier home in the meantime between cleaning visits, 

A great part about having professional cleaning help is that you can reduce the stress in your life, but you have to consider if a part-time maid will relieve enough stress to be financially worth it to you.


Part-time maids are more financially accessible

The reality of hiring a full-time maid is expensive, and not a possibility for many families. Full-time maids can cost anywhere between $18,000-$35,000 a year, while the average income of a family hovers around $60,000.

Hiring a part-time cleaner enables many families to have the benefits of a cleaner while avoiding the expensive downside. Many families balance the expenses of childcare, mortgages, utilities, etc, and do not need an additional burden. Your part-time maid can relieve the stress of a messy house, and not hurt your bank account in the process.

They do not spend a lot of time at your home

For those of us with a busy schedule, having a full-time maid regularly at your house is a giant downside. Busy work schedules, school schedules, and family commitments can make carving out the time for a full-time maid difficult. Professional & Locally Owned House Cleaning Service Serving Boise Idaho

Some people choose to leave the home and have maids clean unattended. Other people prefer to be present in the home when a hired cleaner is there. The benefit of having a part-time cleaner is that no matter which side you lean towards, it works! If you prefer being there, it is less of a commitment, and if you don’t, it’s less time you have to spend waiting for your maid to leave.

They are efficient

Part-time maids typically have multiple clients at once. If you are someone to loves individualized attention, this could be perceived as a downside. However, if you are someone who enjoys a time-efficient and money-efficient experience, a part-time maid is perfect for you. Part-time maids are no stranger to balancing a busy schedule, cleaning your home pristinely yet rapidly, and doing it all with a great attitude.

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While full-time maids may put more time into singular tasks, part-time maids know how to do it just as wonderfully, at half the required time.

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