An air conditioner is a mechanical device that is used to cool the temperature and provide cooling in the room. It helps in removing the inner heat of the enclosed space and producing cold air from the system. The air conditioner helps in controlling and managing the temperature, humidity, and quality of the air in the indoor spaces. An air conditioner has many benefits, and it is very necessary to purchase a suitable home air conditioner. Air conditioners emit some harmful gases which deplete the ozone layer because of chlorofluorocarbons. This article provides a general overview of the pros and cons of using an air conditioner.

Pros of an air conditioner

An air conditioner cools down the temperature of the room and thereby helps in reducing the humidity in the closed areas. It is correctly stated that an air conditioner improves the quality of air and helps in reducing asthma attacks. There is research evidence that shows that air conditioning improves a person’s work performance and gives them the strength to deal with difficult situations and tasks. The air conditioner also reduces parasites and other insects in the home, which promotes cleanliness and maintenance or hygiene in the room. An air conditioner ensures a good sleep and peace of mind as other machines like coolers, etc., produce noise pollution which may irritate the individual while sleeping. An air conditioner reduces the chances of heat stroke and dehydration because it cools the temperature of the area. An air conditioner helps to keep odours and fumes away from the person.

Cons of an air conditioner

An air conditioner has many benefits, but there are also some drawbacks. The air conditioner makes the skin dry and dehydrated, and it will lead to irritation of the mucous membrane. An air conditioner exacerbates the respiratory problems caused by a sudden change in the temperature. There are various research studies which show that a sudden change in the temperature from hot to cold has fewer respiratory problems. Apart from health hazards, air conditioners can also create financial stress due to their consumption of large amounts of electricity. It is not wrong to say that an air conditioner gives comfort and relief to asthma patients, but at the same time, it can create a risk to the health of patients if the air filters are not cleaned properly, which leads to the accumulation of dust.


An air conditioner is a machine that transfers the hot air from inside the room to the outside area and emits the cool air in the room. An air conditioner reduces the temperature and humidity of the room. Because it keeps odours and foul odours out of the room, an air conditioner helps to improve the quality of air in the room. Air conditioners also have some health benefits, such as providing relief to asthma patients by improving air quality and reducing the individual’s risk of dehydration and heat stroke. Air conditioners also have some disadvantages, such as skin dryness, mucous membrane irritation, respiratory infections, and allergies.

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