Prioritise Storing the Beers With a Beer Fridge

Australia produces over 16.1 million hectolitres of beer in a year, based on a report from 2019. The country prides itself on having over 294 independent brewers who brew high-quality beer. Northern Australians, like the Queenslanders, are more prone to consuming beer than South Australians. As fun as it is to drink beers with friends and family, it is also necessary to keep them preserved as it takes lots of effort to brew such huge quantities. Read below to understand why and how to use a beer fridge.

Main Intensions For Having a Beer Fridge in the House

To Avoid Running Out of Space for Beer

Usually, leftover dishes or the ingredients to prepare the food items take up a lot of space in the fridge. Arranging them can be a tricky task. A problem arises when beer bottles or cans must be stored in the fridges. How does one cope with this? Drink less beer or get fewer items? Do neither! Have a separate beer fridge solely for the drinks to avoid this confusion and compromise. 

Optimise it for Beers!

There is an option to optimise the controls of the fridge according to the seasons. For instance, during the summer, everyone wants to consume a bottle of cold beer to quench their thirst. A beer fridge allows users to adjust the temperature closer to 35 degrees Celsius, keeping the drinks cool. But during winter, when this temperature is a bit too cold for beers, one can increase the temperature to have a smoother drink. 

Exhibit the collection of beers

The doors are transparent, which allows everyone to see through the door. Therefore, this is the best choice for beer collectors. They can flaunt their collection of the rarest, most delicious, and most beautiful beers to their friends and visitors. 

Easy recognition of the number of beers inside the fridge

Whenever there is a house party, birthday, or even a casual weekend, one need not worry about the stock or be shocked when they are out of beers. The transparent doors allow owners to have a count and prepare accordingly.

Pet accessible fridges!

Do you live alone and want someone to fetch a beer after a long day? Pets can do it for their owners. These doors are very easily accessible to pets like dogs. Owners can train dogs to open the door and get a beer. On the other hand, they need not worry about pets disrupting the storage.

Considering all the above factors, beer fridges are the most valuable players here!

After understanding the significance of fridges, one might wonder how they differ from mini-fridges.

Mini Fridges Versus Beer Fridges

Shelving and accommodation 

A similarity between the two is that both machines cool items. But, the difference is that the latter explicitly stores cans and bottles, whereas the former store utensils with food items.

Calculated usage

Beer fridges, on the whole, have smaller spaces. They fit perfectly in dorm rooms, home bars, family rooms, or senior suits. They also have a unique look, design, and the feel of a regular fridge size. One can also place them in any area that is easily accessible.

Style and colour

Regardless of the décor of the house or room, black colour suits all of them. Most beer fridges are black, with a chosen colour frame and a clear glass door. They also have a consistently-lit interior. These features are absent in the mini-fridges.

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