Premium Features of iTop VPN

If you are into computing, you understand the significance of a VPN. It is a utility that ensures your privacy when browsing, also allowing you to access geo-restricted sites. With many VPN service providers around, few manage to stand out due to their amazing features, like ITop VPN.

It is one of the best free VPN for Windows PCs, as you can get its services without paying a dime. While the free services stick out, you can go premium if you want to unlock more features and resources.

If you have an interest in going premium with iTop VPN, you are in the right place, as we will show you the benefits you get.

Available iTop VPN Premium Plans

We will start by looking at the available packages, which are three, excluding the free VPN plan. They are the 1-month, 6-month, and 1-year options. The packages have different prices, payable as per their name hints. For instance, you pay monthly for the 1-month plan, billed at $11.99 a month. You will pay $6.99 per month for the 6-month plan, billed at $41.99.

Finally, for the 1-year plan, you part with $2.31 monthly. You pay a yearly bill of $55.44 and get an extra year of service. The 1-year plan seems to be the best, as you get an 80% discount.

You can pay for the services using channels like PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard, among many others. You get a free Random Password Generator subscription, valid for one year as part of your purchase package.

So what do the plans offer you? Below are some of the extras you get when you pay for iTop VPN’s services.

Faster Connectivity

Slow connection is very frustrating, especially when handling critical tasks. When you buy into an iTop plan of your choice, you get up to 10-times faster connection. As such, you won’t have to deal with lagging sites.

This VPN service is an ideal acquisition if you work on tasks that require speed.

Extra Browsing Privacy

One of the main purposes of getting VPN software is for browsing security. That is what you get when you take a premium iTop plan. Besides browsing privacy, you also block ads, trackers, and malware, which can affect your PC. You can use safe sources like the RARBG for secured connections.

Improved Server Access

The free package allows access to only 16 servers, which is great by the standards. However, when you opt for the paid services, the number increases 100-fold to over 1800 servers worldwide. It means you can access the VPN service in any part of the world.

In addition, you beat geo-restrictions, where you can access sites prohibited in your country.

Money-Back Guarantee

If not satisfied with the service offered, you can have your money refunded. You have to file a report, and after verification, you get your funds in 15-days max.


ITop is an excellent VPN for Windows, which you should consider having if you want the best service. You can unlock more features by buying into the premium packages. Shown above are features that you get by selecting your preferred plan. Check ITop out and sample it on your PC.

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