Postpartum hair loss : Effective tips to manage hair loss after delivery

During pregnancy you may blessed with thick and shiny hair. This is because of hormonal change. Rising level of human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG indicated that you were pregnant. Hormones like estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and prolactin level will get increase.

High level of estrogen prevent your usual rate of hair loss. After delivery your hormonal level will get drop. This hormonal change may be reason for your hair loss after delivery.

Cosmetologist Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta says ““Thirty to sixty percent of women experience postpartum hair loss. This condition is called postpartum alopecia — and it happens because of the hormonal changes in the body. The good news? It’s temporary,”

How long postpartum hair loss last ?

Time to recover from postpartum hair loss varies. Sometimes it takes 3 months, sometimes I takes 6 months, sometimes Postpartum hair loss continues as long as a year.

Tips to prevent Postpartum hair loss :

Here some of the effective postpartum hair loss prevention tips :

Skip heating your hair or brush your hair :

Skip heating your hair or brushing your hair may lead to lot of hair loss. Skip hair styling and use that time to sleep or spend that time with your baby.

Eat well :

Make sure to get all necessary nutrients that your body needs.

Vitamins that you need for hair growth :

Vitamin A

Vitamin B

Vitamin C

Vitamin E




Best Foods you must eat to prevent postpartum hair loss




Fatty fish

Sweet potatoes


Sweet peppers..and many more

Sleep well :

Healthy sleep is one of the effective tips to prevent Postpartum hair loss. Taking care of new born baby may lead you to lot of stress which causes too much of hair loss. Sleep may reduce your pressure level which prevent your hair loss.

Take hair supplements :

It is necessary to take hair supplements after delivery to prevent postpartum hair loss. Never stop taking hair supplements without doctor suggestions.

Use Lakshmi Krishna Naturals Hair regrowth kit :

Lakshmi Krishna hair regrowth kit is considered as best hair fall solutions at home. Hair benefits kit contains Hair regrowth oil 200 ml + Forehead baldness gel 30 g. Ingredients Of Hair Regrowth Oil  : Cow milk, Coconut milk, Coconut oil, Cloves, Omam, Onions, Curry leaves, Marudhani, Bringharaj, Valarai, Rose extracts. Ingredients Of Forehead Gel : Aloe vera, Castor oil, Neem oil, Coconut oil. This is best and proven hair fall solution at home.

Postpartum hair loss is temporary hair loss which stop itself within sometime. All you have to do is healthy diet, scalp massage and healthy lifestyle which make your hair healthy.

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