Personal Appearance- Important Lesson for Students

Students prepare themselves a lot for their exams, courses and future in their career. They read and study a lot of knowledgeable books in order to make themselves so impressive that they can impress any interviewer in an interview. These days students are learning from various sources which are very modern and their assistance for attaining knowledge is awesome such as online learning. Online learning is the ocean of knowledge, where one can get more than he or she expects regarding knowledge and information. Today if a student wants to know ERP full form, then he just has to put the words “ERP full form” in the search bar of their education app and they get all the information about. ERP software gives complete control over all the activities in educational institutes. ERP software makes exchange of information among the departments easy, in any educational institution. Even after having so many facilities related to education, students are not able to focus on one very important thing which helps them get selected in their interviews, and that is Personal Appearance. Personal appearance is usually the most neglected part of communication but on the other hand it is a very important part of communication too which enhances and adds to the presentation skills. 

It doesn’t matter who you represent when you speak in front of a mass or mob but it is you who is speaking with people and representing your organization or yourself. Hence, it is very necessary that your appearance can create the aura where everyone listens to you and believes in you. That is why it is said that the first impression is the last impression. Sometimes your first impression completes the deal if it is positive and sometimes this very first impression makes everything wrong if it is not impressive. Importance of visual effect is as much as verbal effect makes. It is a very common phenomenon that people make perceptions about a person just by having a glance on him/her, which includes expressions on face, the attire you wear and behaviour along with body language. Let’s understand these facts in detail:

  • The foremost thing in appearance which is noticed in society is what you wear and how well-groomed you always love to be always. A reputed organization wants you to always be in neat and tidy look, if they have given you a uniform then it should be well ironed and shining, shoes should be well-polished and hairs should well combed or if you keep a particular hair and beard & moustaches style then it should well-groomed too. In the matter of females, they should keep their long hair in proper style and they should have light but impressive make-up. Being in such a maintained dress-up one makes his or her first impression.
  • One can express and explain himself or herself just by his or her facial expressions. Your correct facial expressions make listeners listen to you with grave attention whereas wrong facial expressions finish the interest of listeners in you. For example, if a comedian is not giving proper facial expressions according to his jokes, then no one is going to watch his show. In the same way sometimes, your facial expressions help and save you too. For example, if you greet someone everyday with a nice smile and one you greet him with a pale face then immediately, he recognizes that something is wrong and comes forward to help you.
  • Body language is the most important part of communication with anybody. Body language conveys the exact image of yours. Body language is the effect of your physical appearance which makes you communicate without verbal communication and you can convey many small messages just by body language. The way you stand, sit, move your hands and postures of your body, facial expressions make a very clear scene of what is going on your mind and what kind of person you are. For example, if a person meets another person with open hands, then it clears that he is very friendly by nature and if he meets with folded hands then he is an introverted kind of person.

Therefore, if a student wants to succeed in his or her interview then it is necessary that he or she should focus on the above enumerated points and should groom herself/himself as much as he or she can to succeed.

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