Overview the new Wondershare PDF Reader

PDF documents are one of the most important elements of modern documentation. People nowadays tend to use PDF documents compared to other document formats because of its ability to store more data in the same storage quota size. 

What is Wondershare PDF Reader? This is free document reader software. This software is compatible with Windows. This is the latest product from Wondershare, a leading editing software maker. If you want to increase the productivity of your work, PDF Reader is what you need.

Want to know more about this new software? Keep reading till the end!

Wondershare PDF Reader: What is it? 

You can guess that this software is a PDF document reader. That’s true but unlike a regular reader, it is multifunctional as it allows you to work in a wider variety of environments. No matter you are in the office or at home, it will help you very much.

This is an alternative to PDFelement, rather than a simpler alternative. This software offers some basic functions for reviewing and annotating PDF documents. According to Wondershare, this software will improve so-called collaboration workflows for remote teams. Of course with an increase in overall productivity, as mentioned above.

It is designed to be simpler

Yes, PDF Reader is designed to be simpler and easier to use even for amateur users. There are some simple features provided, including dark reading mode and advanced eye protection.

Again, it’s free!

Yes, you read correctly. As mentioned earlier, Wondershare PDF Reader is free software that can be used by Windows users. This software is compatible with various versions of Windows such as Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. Even though it is free, Wondershare PDF Reader is aimed at the professional market so it can be relied upon even for professional work.

Interesting main features

This software was released by Wondershare to fill a niche in the market that is filled by ordinary users who don’t need advanced PDF editing features. However, PDF Reader has some features that overlap with those of PDFelement. But since it’s free, it doesn’t hurt anyone to download it.

Here are the key features you should consider!

Highly flexible document reader features

Of course, at first glance, this feature is nothing special because every PDF reader will allow you to read PDF documents. But what PDF Reader has is different because it is very flexible in reading graphics in PDF documents.

Various reading modes

Unlike other monotonous readers, PDF Reader offers several reading modes such as an eye-friendly dark mode. You don’t want your eye health to deteriorate due to frequent reading of PDF documents with high light intensity. You can try the eye-friendly dark mode. You can also read PDF pages individually, side by side, or if you’re curious, you can try the advanced 3D reading mode. We’ve tried various PDF readers but none are quite as comprehensive. You must try this!

Easy to adapt user interface

The user interface that PDF Reader offers is a lightweight and easily adaptable interface with various reading modes provided. For example, you can adapt the document according to your environment and with different backgrounds. It can be set starting from the interface. To change the Page Background for example, you can simply go to View > Page Background. Then you can choose one of the many available options. You can also set in the interface, Eye Protection mode to change the background color so it doesn’t become too flashy for your eyes. Want to configure other settings? You can! You can configure other settings such as the default zoom range, comment font color, and much more.

Annotations and their relationship to the collaboration process

With this tool, you can annotate and comment your PDF documents. PDF Reader lets you add annotations to documents in very little time. Thus this free tool will be very useful if you are involved in a team work. You can highlight sections of text, draw new objects on the page, create new text boxes, add custom notes, and so on. That way your team members will understand what you want on your document. How to apply annotations? Easy! You can simply press Comment on the menu and use one of the various available features, such as the highlighter. You can press the highlighter tool if you need to highlight something. Highlight the text and choose the color you want. Very easy!

Sign your PDF documents

When you are dealing with official jobs, signatures are very important. You must ensure that every official document you create and send contains your signature. You can’t expect to just send a “random document” and your business partner will approve it. In that regard, PDF Reader allows you to sign your PDF documents so that you can make them legal and qualified. There is no need to create a new signature every time because PDF Reader allows you to use a signature image that you have saved previously.

Take and send screenshot

Another feature is the ability to take and send screenshots in seconds. You may, at some point, have to take a certain piece of text and use it (as a new document) elsewhere.

What is the difference between PDF Reader and PDFelement?

At first glance some features of PDF Reader overlap with what PDFelement has. PDF Reader is a simpler version of PDFelement. But there is one distinguishing characteristic. PDF Reader seems more intended for “reading”, as evidenced by the visually impressive 3D reading mode. While PDFelement focuses more on processing or more precisely editing PDF documents. However both are two quality products, leaving their rivals in the market.


If you spend more time reviewing letters, invoices and other PDF files, PDF Reader is for you. Why? Because this tool will give you better reading experience. But if you spend more time designing new PDF documents then PDFelement is a better option as an all-in-one PDF editor. Hopefully what has been presented in this article can add to your insight. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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