Organic Bedding Options for the Purest Experience

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly bedding solution, you’re in the right place. Below, you’ll see some of the best organic bedding options for the purest sleeping experience.

Organic Cotton

When people talk about organic bedding options, most people immediately jump to organic cotton since this is one of the most common solutions. The best thing about organic cotton is that it offers all the same benefits as traditional cotton – this includes affordability, breathability, and simple maintenance. However, manufacturers of organic cotton follow strict guidelines to keep the product organic.

For example, this means no fertilisers, pesticides, or other chemicals. Likewise, manufacturers cannot make genetic modifications at any stage. Despite all the positives, one problem with organic cotton is the water required to get the product onto the shelf. According to some estimates, one pound of cotton alone requires over 1,300 gallons of water.

Modal, Tencel, and Lyocell

While the names might sound fancy, these materials come from wood fibres from trees such as birch, eucalyptus, and beech. Don’t worry, the material is much more luxurious than it sounds (you aren’t sleeping on the equivalent of a bench!). When ready for customers, Tencel offers a silk-like smoothness.

Why choose one of these newer materials? Using Tencel as an example again, it’s resistant to shrinkage, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial. As the products become more and more popular, you’ll be glad to hear that they don’t come with a huge price tag either.

After an extensive manufacturing process, the material is entirely recyclable, so it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. What’s more, the solvents used during production are recycled. Overall, wastage is low, and you can help the planet (while enjoying a wonderful night’s sleep!).

Organic Bamboo

If you want the perfect blend of environmentally friendly and luxurious comfort, another option is organic bamboo bed sheets. The good news is that bamboo has never required pesticides or any other chemicals. While organic cotton is an improved version of traditional cotton, it still can’t compete with organic bamboo.

Here are just some reasons why you should choose bamboo:

  • Bamboo doesn’t need replanting because it keeps sprouting
  • It needs 33% less water than cotton
  • It’s how to increase the bench press softer and stronger than cotton
  • Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than the very best organic cotton
  • The material tends to stay cleaner and fresher for longer

As you’ll notice, these reasons benefit both the environment and your sleeping experience. While you sleep, bamboo bedding absorbs moisture and keeps you comfortable (on even the warmest evenings). Once made into fabric, bamboo can hold three times its weight in water. With antimicrobial properties, your bedsheets also stay cleaner as the days go on.

In some countries where shoes aren’t common inside, they use bamboo floor mats for this very reason. Over time, the mats stay clean and smell fresh.

Organic Latex

Finally, you might think of rubber gloves when the word ‘latex’ is used, and so latex bedding might not sound like the most appealing thing in the world. Fortunately, organic latex comes from rubber sap before then making a solid foam for mattresses. When finished, the material is resistant to dust, mould, bacteria, and mildew. If you’ve seen the stories about debris collecting in mattresses, these benefits will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief.

If you want organic bedding this year, bamboo is typically the best option because it provides a blend of comfort and durability. What’s more, as you’ve seen, it’s much better for the environment than cotton. Why not choose new organic bamboo bedding today?

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