Opt for Eco-friendly Shipping for your eCommerce Business with These Tips

As consumers become more aware of the importance of sustainability, businesses try to adapt to the changing shopping habits. That includes more than offering eco-friendly products. You also need to pay attention to their delivery.

It’s impossible to completely remove waste in the delivery chain. But there are a few things an eCommerce business can do to contribute to ecology. Let’s learn how you can make order shipping more eco-friendly.

Choose eco-friendly packaging materials

It’d be great if you could avoid using packaging materials. After all, most of them become waste after the package delivery has been completed. But it’s risky to give up packaging completely. Especially if you’re sending items to another continent, as in the case of shipping to Germany from the USA.

A better solution is to use sustainable packaging materials. Nowadays you can choose from a variety of them. Recycled boxes and envelopes, compostable and biodegradable mailers are only some of them. Find an alternative that best suits your products.

Reduce the size of your parcels

Another way to lessen packaging waste is to keep the size of your parcels small. Choosing packaging of the right size is important for several reasons. Larger external packaging increases the risk of damage due to the empty space inside. And you’ll need more padding to fill it in.

Smaller boxes will have less void that needs to be filled. It means that you’ll need fewer cushioning materials. In the end, it’ll result in lower shipping expenses and less waste left once the package shipping has been completed. It’s a win-win situation.

Consolidate orders

Fewer orders mean fewer round trips of trucks that’d go to pick and deliver them. Encourage your clients to combine their orders instead of shipping goods in several different packages.

Try to persuade customers to wait until all their items are in stock and ready to be shipped in one parcel. One way to do it is to emphasize the economy of consolidating orders. You can even present your clients with a shipping rates calculator. Then, they’ll be able to estimate what would be cheaper – shipping three 1 kg packages separately or combining them and shipping one 3 kg package.

Provide customers with digital receipts

Packaging is not the only waste remaining after the shipping. If you provide paper receipts with the order tracking number, once the package delivery is completed, these slips will be thrown away.

It’s better to provide your customers with a tracking number digitally. With the new technologies at hand, it might even be more convenient for the clients as they won’t need to type the number themselves. They can simply copy and paste it or click on the link that redirects them to the tracking of their order.

Partner with carriers that are committed to sustainable shipping

Choosing a reliable shipping company is crucial for any eCommerce business. Before making the decision, be sure to consider several factors. Shipping rates are important at all times, but the carrier’s policy also plays a big role.

Team up with carriers that are promoting eco-friendly shipping. They’ll help your business to achieve sustainability and may even give advice on what you can do further to be more eco-friendly.

Opting for eco-friendly shipping will need some extra investment, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. It’ll not only attract customers who are aware of sustainability, but will also let you save money.

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