Open incision surgery

Surgery by double eyelid surgery by incision method Open wound as appropriate is a method that can be used by people of all genders and ages.

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 and is the only way for people Have excess eyelids that need to be removed Surgical scars will not be able to noticeable Because it will be in the eyelid line like the natural eyelid

 What are the advantages of cutting an open wound as appropriate?

 This helps the doctor who performs the surgery. The structure of the eyelids can be clearly seen, so excess fat can be easily removed. Observe the bleeding point during surgery and stop the bleeding quickly. All tissues that obstruct the eyelid formation can be removed, making the eyelid that comes out clear, beautiful, and there is a chance that the eyelid suture will fall off. It comes out very rarely. In addition, some patients have a problem with the fat under. The skin around the eyebrows (Retro Orbicularis Occuli fat) is thick and large. or people with drooping lacrimal glands under the eyelids causing aging eyes Surgery by incision method as appropriate will be able to solve such problems, making the eyelids clear after surgery Looks more dimensional and beautiful In addition, slow swelling from surgery will occur very little because it can effectively stop the bleeding.

 But that doesn’t mean that people with aging eyelids or the skin around the corners of the eyes is drooping, or the eyelids are drooping inside It is necessary to use a long incision method to cut off the eyelids as much as the position of the eyelid layer and the sagging of the eyelid skin are highly related to the position of the eyebrows. With age, not only But the eyelids will sag. But some people still have the problem of falling eyebrows as well. When we raise our eyebrows The upper eyelid skin is smoother and tighter. You can see the eyelids more clearly on the other hand. If the eyebrows are lower than normal, such as when the eyebrows are wrinkled, the skin on the upper eyelids can be more condescending to cover the eyelids, so if solving the problem of falling eyebrows Sometimes the skin around the eyelids may not need to be removed. Or cut out only a small amount, most people who need to cut out the eyelids Usually a group of elderly people whose skin is very sagging. But if you can adjust the lower eyebrow position to be higher There is no need to remove eyelids. or remove only a small amount Because the eyelids are necessary to close the eyes.

 If there is no excess eyelid that needs to be removed. Which method will you choose to have surgery?

In young people No eyelid sagging problem All methods of double eyelid surgery can be chosen, including suture method through a small hole, incision method, short incision or excision method as appropriate. But if the doctor detects that there is also a problem with droopy eyelids Even if there is no excess skin that needs to be cut off It is necessary to use the method of incision surgery only. in order to suture the muscles that help to open the eyes. Ta Prue looked like a sleepy person, and when he had to look at something, Often try to raise their eyebrows to open their eyes wider until some people have wrinkles that Permanent forehead from raised eyebrows frequently

 In addition, the surgery is correct according to the principle. Usually scars along the eyelid crease, which will look natural. It’s hard to notice the scars, so don’t make your eyes by any means. The resulting scars are almost no different.

 recovery after eye surgery by incision method as appropriate

People who have undergone surgery can act like other common surgery methods, which are cold compresses for 1 day. And be careful not to expose the wound to very wet water for 3 days. The wound does not need any special cleaning. Slight swelling during the first 3 days, after which the swelling will gradually subside. Daily life can be normal from the first 1-2 days after surgery. You may wear sunglasses when you have to go out into the environment. and will continue to be hit by water After 4 days of surgery, the eyelids will begin to fall into place after 3 weeks. Then, the elasticity of the skin in the surgical area and the eyelids will look natural in 3-6 months.

 Disadvantages and complications Book open wounds as appropriate.

 There are advantages and there will be disadvantages. The body’s response is normal, the more wounds are caused to the body. The greater the risk of bleeding or inflammation and swelling. Therefore, the principle is to open a long wound. as necessary And is suitable enough to be able to manage problems in different positions of the eyelids The method chosen depends on the pre-surgery assessment and the surgeon’s aptitude. including the needs of those undergoing surgery

 As for complications that are rare but very dangerous, which are likely to occur, no matter what method of surgery is used. Bleeding in the eyelid layer after the wound has been closed. It usually occurs in the period after the surgery is completed. eyeballs increase above critical value will affect visibility surgery is required stop the bleeding urgently

The more common complication is Uneven eyelids after surgery can be caused by many factors, for example, the swelling is not completely collapsed. or some people have moisture in Raise one eyebrow unconsciously, resulting in an uneven height of the eyelids. Treatment ranges from Follow up and assess the symptoms to wait until the swelling disappears. Each eyebrow does not work equally. until the surgery to correct the complications mentioned above It can be found whether surgery is performed by using a large incision method. Therefore, consultation and surgery should be chosen with a specialist doctor for evaluation and treatment. including correcting problems

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