One’s Most Trusted Employee Training Tools

In this fast-moving world, everyone has to be extra smart in every aspect of their life. No doubt, there are several ways to train one’s employees. But often, a company finds that is not enough if they just rely on external training or in-house training sessions. They want a revolution in their company and how they approach employee learning and development, so they have started using online platforms to help them with this.

Different types of online platforms can help one train their employees, whether it is to ensure they learn the latest technology used in the company or just about everything else! Getting started with e-learning for them is often a hassle, but there are several online tools that have simplified this process for companies. Here is the list of the best employee training software.

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1) Whatfix – When it comes to training sessions, e-learning is one of the most effective methodologies used by companies these days. Companies are using multi-platform learning methods in order to help their employees learn new skills. One of the best tools used by companies is Whatfix. It uses multi-platform learning methods such as automated video capture, real-time analytics and usage data, file sharing and many other modern day features which provide employees with an easy to learn experience.

2) TalentLMS – Talentlms has been designed as a comprehensive LMS that can handle all aspects of training, be it online courses, quizzes, tests and any other type of employee training. It’s helpful for companies that use e-learning methods to train employees in the modern day world.

3) LearnUpon – One of the best tools used by companies these days is LearnUpon. It is designed to help companies train their employees both online and offline. It helps with a better customer experience, onboarding of new employees etc. The best part about this tool is that it is flexible enough to suit your company’s needs and budget well.

4) Apty – If you are looking for a training platform built by experts in the field, you should check out Apty. It has been designed by education professionals with over 15 years of experience, so it is the best for companies looking to train their employees online.

5) Docebo – A comprehensive LMS that can be used both in B2B and B2C, Docebo is an excellent choice. It provides companies with a single dashboard and user access to the platform to help them better train their employees.

6) LearnAmp – One of the best ways to help one’s employees learn new skills is by using online training sessions. And one of the best tools that offer this service is LearnAmp. It offers learning management solutions that are designed to help companies meet their training needs.

7) Trainual – A tool to help build one’s company’s e-learning platform, then look no further than Trainual. It is one of the best tools leading tech companies use these days to train their employees with ease.

8) Lessonly – When it comes to training employees, no tool is better than Lessonly. It offers companies a platform that helps them learn new skills and ensure they are using the most effective methods in the modern world.

9) SAP Litmos – One of the best ways to train your employees is by using a cloud-based training platform. And one of the best tools used by many companies these days for this purpose is Litmos from SAP .

10) Adobe Captivate Prime LMS – Flash is no longer in use, but that does not mean one cannot learn with the help of Adobe. One can do it through their online training platform which uses Captivate Prime LMS .

11) ProProfs – If one is looking for an easy-to-use training tool to help your employees learn new skills, then ProProfs is the one. It is one of the most accessible tools companies use these days to make their employees learn faster while using minimal resources.

All of these tools allow one to create scheduled and automated courses so that your employees can access them at their own convenience. Depending on the company’s needs, some learning management systems are free or have a free trial period.

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