Notes preparation for class 6 science.

Well-organized notes will be always helpful especially at the last minute revision. The notes come very handily if they are well organized and systematically prepared below are the few methods for the preparation of the notes.

One should first understand that anything has to be first understood exactly the contents and can proceed further.

Understand the syllabus and the topic.

The best notes can be prepared if you know about the syllabus and the topics making good revision notes you need a proper understanding of the topic you will make notes on.

Before starting the notes it is very important to read and understand the key concepts. 

Don’t just fill the sheets with irrelevant topics. Your notes should contain all the topics yet should be comprehensive

Make use of all the resources.

Your notes should be complete so that during the exam you have all the information you need in one place and don’t need to go through the textbooks.

While making the notes don’t restrict yourself to textbooks when making your notes. Look at revision examples that may have convenient explanations to get a different viewpoint. 

Include the topics which you would have taken down during the class your teacher used which eased your understanding of the topic.

Past papers and marking schemes are very essential can be used to make notes of keywords that could be useful to include about the repeated questions which were asked in a different way.


Once you write the notes on any topic or chapter. You should always review and also have aperiodic checks on the notes. Compare with the text so that you can add epiphany topics or important point that has been left out.

Find your style

There is no standard tip to write the notes. Every student has their own style of taking down the point. You can adapt anyway. You should be able to understand and all the topics have to be covered. Let it be neat and systematic. You can also use colorful highlights to mark some important topics.

The bullet points are the best companion but there is no need to limit yourself to them. 

Ou an also make notes with the charts and the illustrations. This will save time and also get captured in the mind. The images are easy to remember rather than the notes. This method will help to make the topics in a smaller version.

Colour the keywords.

Give the title and subtitles to the topics and you can highlight with the different colors. This will help you to organize the notes. 

For example, apply a certain colour for the headlines of foremost topics so you can find them easily. A distinctive colour can highlight the keywords you need to know from the text or something important which has to be learnt later. 

This colouring method is very useful but doesn’t make your notes a colouring book. Effective colour coding is especially helpful for optical learners. But be careful – don’t turn your page into a piece of art- too much colour can be devastating to look at when you’re trying to concentrate.

You know when you repeat something regularly you learn better. Read the notes every time. Keep repeating some time you might catch up with the mistake. After you have made your revision notes and actually revised from them, then try writing again with understanding and remembering. This will be learning or you and you will learn perfectly. Without your knowledge, you would have revised the whole syllabus. you can try rewriting them in an even more shooter way.

When you are doing the repetition just add the keywords and the important phrases and the definitions. You can add up that point which is a bit difficult for you.  This will help you to get a glance, especially during the exam when it is required to have a quick glance or you can also go through when you have a spare minute and revise before sleeping.

They are convenient if you just need to stimulate your memory and you can always refer to the original notes.

Still, the Class 6 science can be much easier if you follow the tips accurately. The preparation will be easier and you don’t have to have too much stress and pressure. When the exams are very near it is a crucial time for the students to fine-tune their preparations so as to achieve the desired result. Science is one of the fundamental subjects, in which learners need to put in more extra effort in their studying. Cramming will never be helpful just you need to follow the study strategy and the schedule to get the proper grip of the subject. The plan is if you follow with focus then there is nothing to worry about.  The below are some of the tips to be followed which will help to get through the subject in an easy way.

Some more tips.

Prepare the notes with the key points. Highlight the headings and the subheading which will make it easy to search the topics.

You can also maintain the index page so that when you have all the syllabus covered it will be easier to search the particular topic.

Create a separate list of important formulae and definitions. You can also put aloof them on the sheet and stick them on the wall where they will be visible. This will help you in learning better and easier way.

Practice diagrams and figures thoroughly. Don’t skip on anything. Carefully see that you have covered all the topics. Practice on the neat and labeled diagram which will help in fetching the marks.

Practice solving the question paper. This will help to increase the speed and also you will get an idea of the exam pattern. If you are slow you can still improve on speed

Just don’t read the summaries of the chapter. Prepare thoroughly by reading the whole chapter with full focus. 

You can click on the link for the worksheets CBSE NCERT Worksheets for Class 6 Science.

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