If a negligent party caused the bicycle accident that left you with injuries and other damages, you have the right to sue them under California personal injury law. Generally, you have two options: filing a claim with their insurance company or filing a personal injury lawsuit in court if you disagree with the insurance company. However, this is not a process you want to undertake alone, especially when still nursing your injuries. Engaging a bicycle accident attorney in California is always advisable, and here is why.

Determine liability

A motorist is at blame for more than half of all bicycle collisions. However, you must show that the driver was at fault for the crash for you to be compensated. To build a strong case against the person at fault, an expert bicycle accident attorney from the Demas Law Group can carefully examine police reports and eyewitness testimony and reconstruct the events leading up to your collision.

A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will also effectively represent your interests in discussions with insurance providers. If settlement negotiations stagnate, they will file a lawsuit to ensure that there is no space for interpretation that weakens your case.

Negotiation with the insurer

You should retain the services of a bike accident attorney even if you don’t intend to report the incident or file a lawsuit after a collision. This is because insurance companies will request your statement and seek to establish a case against you. Although it might seem unjust, the motorist’s insurance company is entirely within its rights to take this strategy, and is also totally legal.

Attorneys that specialize in bicycle accidents are fully aware of the data that insurers seek and the methods used to collect it. A bicycle accident attorney will be by your side at every stage of the procedure if you retain their services, advising you on what paperwork to submit, what inquiries are most crucial, and, if needed, how to proceed with court proceedings.

Accident investigations

If there are no severe injuries or fatalities, the local authority will often interview all persons involved but may choose not to launch a thorough inquiry. A lawyer for a bicycle accident may use their detectives to check into the issue if a comprehensive investigation is not done correctly. As a result, you will access all available evidence, which will significantly benefit you in court.

Protect your rights

You must compile all required proof and demonstrate the negligence of the at-fault party if you intend to make a formal claim or file a lawsuit. You would need to employ an accident attorney because they are the most knowledgeable about the evidence necessary for winning personal injury lawsuits.

It is important to remember that cyclists frequently share some faults for collisions. If you are partially to blame for the accident, an attorney can advocate that responsibility for the crash be shared and defend your rights.

The last word

It is advisable to retain legal counsel after a bicycle accident.

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