Moving a Piano Yourself Vs. Hiring Professional Movers: the Pros and Cons of Each Method

Moving a piano is no minor task. Whether you’re moving to a new house, selling your piano, or just rearranging the furniture in your current one, whether you should transport the piano yourself or call professional piano movers frequently comes up.

Both choices come with a set of advantages and a few drawbacks, and being aware of both sets of features can help you make a well-informed choice. Let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of moving a piano versus hiring a professional service.

DIY Piano Moving:


One of the most notable benefits of moving your piano yourself is the opportunity to save money. Moving a piano with a moving company might be pricey; however, if you move the piano yourself, you do not have to spend on service fees.

Further, if you move the piano yourself, you can exercise complete control over the operation. You are free to choose the moving date at your own leisure and to make any necessary changes if you wish to. You are not reliant on the availability of skilled laborers to transfer your piano.

Additionally, we know that accomplishing something difficult on your own, such as transporting a piano without assistance, can provide a sense of personal achievement and happiness. Taking on a difficult assignment and succeeding in completing it becomes a satisfying and gratifying experience.


Pianos are fragile instruments with intricate internal mechanisms, so there is always a significant chance that they could be damaged. When moving, you risk damaging your belongings since you lack the necessary knowledge and skills. The piano might sustain irreparable damage if handled incorrectly, disassembled and reassembled incorrectly, or accidentally bumped.

Moreover, moving a piano requires much physical power and power. The weight of a piano can vary widely, with grand pianos weighing anywhere from 500 to 1,500 pounds and upright pianos weighing anything from 300 to 900 pounds on average. Physical injuries can transpire as a result of improper lifting practices or excessive exertion.

Lastly, in order to transport pianos in a secure and timely manner, it is vital to have both the knowledge and the specific equipment that piano movers professionally possess. If you do not own the right tools and skills, you may find it challenging to maneuver through confined places, stairs, and other potential problems that may emerge during the moving process.

Professional Piano Moving:


Professional North Charleston piano movers have the knowledge and experience to move any kind of piano since they have received adequate training in this area. They are equipped with the knowledge essential to disassemble, pack, transport, and reassemble the instrument in a safe and effective manner.

Hiring professionals reduces the chance of damaging not only the piano but also your home when compared to doing the job yourself. Throughout the duration of the relocation, they make use of specialist equipment such as piano boards, harnesses, and dollies to guarantee that the piano is handled correctly and remains protected.

Moving a piano may be a time-consuming process. On top of that, it also asks for a lot of physical effort. When you hire reliable movers, you can save time and energy. In turn, you can focus on the other aspects of relocation that may require more attention.


Professional piano moving services come with a fee, which can vary depending on several considerations, such as the distance traveled, the type of piano being moved, and other necessary services. The cost of engaging professionals could be prohibitive for those who are operating with a limited financial buffer.

In addition, professional piano movers are responsible for managing their own schedules and availability. You may need to schedule your relocation around their availability; however, this may not always coincide with the timeline that you wish. This will depend on their workload and demand.

Finally, employing professionals implies entrusting the relocation to anyone other than yourself. When you hire a pro mover to do the task, you may have less control over the process. The successful completion of your project will depend heavily on communication as well as clear and concise directions.

In conclusion, the decision of whether to move a piano yourself or to hire professionals is determined by several different considerations. These criteria include your financial situation, the amount of time you have available, your physical skills, and your importance on ensuring a safe and damage-free relocation.

A DIY moving could be an option for you if you have a low moving budget, adequate physical strength, and some prior expertise with moving big goods. Otherwise, hire professional movers.

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