Movies Based on Books that Everyone Should Read Anyway

There is no denying that books are some of our favourite things, after bestcasinositesonline casino gaming of course. They allow us to escape into another world or take a peek behind the curtain at someone else’s life. While we love reading, sometimes it can be tough to balance out your time at work and reading. Therefore, why not go for the easier option? Watch the movies instead.

 1) THE BOOK OF ELI (1962):

My personal favourite. This was a fantastic adaptation that got everyone talking about how they wanted their own copies of “Oscar” the cat. And you can see why the author chose to turn his book into a movie. The characters, setting and plot reminded me of Lord Of The Rings where everything was heightened up even more than it already was in the book. A masterpiece and no doubt the best version yet.


Another great movie by the same director as the first film – William Friedkin. I thought he really captured everything about Harold and Maude as well as the relationship between them through the eyes of a child. Just like the book, this one also ends on a very melancholy note. You should watch it even though it might get depressing on your nerves! Did know at online casinos you can bet on no-athletic events like movies and stand a chance to win big.


Starring Cate Blanchett, Kate Hudson, Lily Collins and Sarah Jessica Parker and directed by Sofia Coppola. One of my favourites because it tells a story that is unlike any other movie out there; two women live together in New York after meeting at an exclusive school and falling in love with each other before they both become pregnant to men who aren’t their husbands. What happens when these two women are forced to decide what will happen to their children? Watch below to find out digitalpinas:

4) BEAUX BOYS (1986):

Starring Kevin Bacon, Andrew McCarthy and Robert Downey Jr and directed by Michael Hoffman. From the creator of Stand By Me comes another wonderful adaptation of the classic book and gets its inspiration from a group of friends who go fishing and have themselves quite an adventure along the way. This is definitely worth watching if you want to know what it feels like to be a kid again Result.

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