Mattresses & Sleeping Positions: How To Achieve a Great Sleeping Experience

Every person has a unique position for them to fall asleep quickly and comfortably. May it be sleeping on their side, back, stomach, or a combination of all. Even though sleeping positions contribute to an individual’s good sleeping quality, there are still many things to consider, and one of these is finding the mattress that perfectly suits them.

Complementing your mattress to your sleeping position can significantly affect your sleeping experience, making it relaxing, comfortable, and overall excellent. If you are interested in achieving that experience, check out this guide and explore the various mattress types to learn what suits your sleeping position best.

Stomach Sleepers

Some people sleep on their stomachs with their heads turned to either to the right or left. These people are called stomach sleepers, wherein roughly sixteen percent of the population worldwide prefers to sleep this way, even though it sometimes causes them to wake up tired and with unnecessary aches. Luckily, there is a mattress that exists to keep them pain-free.

A mattress that’s got adequate firmness and support are the qualities of the best mattress to buy for people who sleep on their stomachs. Thus, it is an optimal choice to opt for them to avoid feeling any body pain upon waking up. Remember that stomach sleepers must have a mattress, specifically medium-firm, to support the body well.

Back Sleepers

You distribute your body weight evenly in your bed when you sleep on your back, so it’s helpful to your spine. In comparison with stomach sleepers, back sleepers have more chances of enjoying a correct spinal alignment while sleeping. But, of course, back sleepers should have a mattress that’s suitable for them to help them feel more comfortable while sleeping.

With that said, the ideal mattresses for back sleepers would be firm enough to provide a stable and even surface. Besides, back sleepers should be able to feel comfortable and not sink into the mattress.

A too-soft mattress is not highly recommended for back sleepers because it cannot adequately support a person’s body weight. So, consider a medium to firm mattress if you’re a back sleeper and avoid ones that are too soft. Mattresses in the type of memory foam or latex could also be a great item to purchase since they could contour in the flow of your body.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers not only need thicker pillows while sleeping, but they also need a thick and firm mattress. In this case, most side sleepers experience body aches or joint pain upon waking up whenever they do not find their current bed comfortable.

An incredibly soft or hard mattress cannot help in the spinal alignment of the sleeper, so one must avoid them. This type of sleeper must also avoid getting innerspring mattresses since they cannot cushion their shoulders, back, and hips since these are the parts where a person’s weight is centered when they sleep. Thus, resulting in having more body pains and unsatisfied sleep.

Side sleeping is one of the refreshing positions to sleep on for various reasons. Typically, sleeping on your side helps reduce snoring and heartburn. Not to mention, it also improves your spinal alignment. The memory foam mattress is highly recommended for side sleepers since it could support the sleeper whenever they move around during sleep.

Combination Sleepers

From the word itself, “combination” pertains to a person who sleeps with a blend of different sleeping positions. They could sleep on one side of the body like side sleepers, sleep on their stomachs, or sleep on their back. Technically, most people are combination sleepers because a person’s sleeping position tends to change over time.

Combination sleepers must try getting a gentle, firm mattress to help them be comfortable when sleeping. In addition, they must seek the kind of mattress that could help them adapt to their various sleeping positions at night.

So, when you are in-store looking for a mattress that suits this type of sleeper, do not hesitate to ask for one that could offer extra support to the body, particularly in the hips and shoulder areas. You could ensure that having a mattress that’s also good for side sleepers will be beneficial and prevent any unwanted body stress from pressure joints.

Choosing A Mattress When I Don’t Know My Sleeping Position

Don’t worry if you don’t know what kind of sleeping position you have!  You need to jot down some specific mattress traits you want to experience with your new bed and then explain them to the salesperson who will assist you. They can give you suggestions and try the mattress yourself in-store to help you decide better.


Any mattress could stress a person’s body if it does not match their sleeping position. Never forget that sleeping position plays a significant role in buying a mattress. Thus, it’s essential to choose one that makes you feel replenished and renewed when you wake up. Consider the advice provided above to help you which mattress best suits your sleeping position.

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