Matt Davies Harmony Communities Explains Why Natural Dog Treats Are Better for Your Pet


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, most people know that processed and junk food isn’t good for your health. The same holds for your dog. Instead of feeding it dog treats bought from the store, it’s way better to feed it natural dog treats made at home. Let’s check out why natural dog treats are better for your pet.

The Explanation

  1. Free from hormones and antibiotics – Many budget dog treats at your local supermarket are loaded with artificial components like antibiotics, hormones, and animal derivatives. If you’re feeding those treats to your dog for a long time, they develop immunity to those antibiotics and that can become a huge problem if they get an infection. 

On the other hand, those added hormones can lead to many physical and behavioral changes and expose them to more health complications. With natural dog treats, you don’t have such problems. There are no unnecessary added compounds that may be detrimental to your dog’s health ofilmywapcom.  

  1. Stronger immunity – Dogs need a well-balanced diet to stay healthy and happy. Natural treats are great for your dog since they can boost its immunity. Natural meat treats are far superior to regular, cheap store-bought treats since they have a higher quality protein. That’s why they are worth the extra price. You can also make natural dog treats at home with high-quality ingredients and still keep the cost as much as those cheap dog treats. 
  2. Improves your dog’s coat – Highly processed dog treats have long-term consequences for your dog’s health. They have substances that may lead to itchy ears, skin rashes, a dull coat, and other such external problems that affect your dog’s looks. Some cheap dog treats may even lead to excess shedding within a few months. 

There’s nothing ‘cheap’ or ‘budget’ about those treats since your dog pays with its health. With natural dog treats, your pup won’t suffer from such dermatological problems and will have a healthier and shinier coat majesticnews.     

  1. Improved digestion – Instead of focusing on nutrition, ingredients inside artificial dog treats are chosen to boost protein with bulk additives while keeping costs low. As a result, these dog treats are loaded with chemicals and often have low digestibility as an unintentional result. Your dog’s stomach hasn’t evolved to process those chemicals and hence your dog gets little nutritional value from those treats. 

With natural ingredients, meat doesn’t just have high protein but also trace minerals and vitamins that are necessary for absorbing amino acids and other macronutrients. They also have natural fiber from the grains used for making natural treats. That improves digestion and results in the proper absorption of nutrients into your dog’s body.  


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you feed natural dog treats to your pet since they are high in nutrients and free from artificial additives, preservatives, and chemicals. Consider your dog’s nutritional requirements and talk to your pet to figure out the ingredients you should use to make natural dog treats if you don’t plan to buy any from the store.

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