Many things you don’t know in Advertising signs

in marketing Product publicity “advertising signs” ทำป้าย are one way of promotion that has a huge impact on consumers. Because the signs is a wide medium. Reach a wide and clear target audience The easiest to see example is billboards on expressways or high-rise buildings, large signs, prominent letters that catch the eye. Of course, through the eyes of tens of thousands of people every day. Politician’s campaign sign When does the election season come? Signs suggesting applicants overflow the city at that time.

So in conclusion, advertising signs are a type of media that can provide information about the product. Or introducing other people to know the product through pictures, short, concise, outstanding words for public distribution. Can reach a large group of people And it can be considered as the most widely used advertising media in all circles today.

The benefits of advertising signs

Have you ever wondered whether There are many different media in advertising. But why do many types of products choose advertising signs as their top choice? If anyone has this question in their brain. Let’s read this section and you will know that the benefits of advertising are many times more than you think.

1) attracts attention well

If you choose to read messages from these two media. What would you choose to read first? Between a 1.5 meter billboard and an advertising brochure placed on a table. Of course, if you’re standing within 5 meters, you’ll need to see the message on the billboard first and be able to read the entire message the first time you see it. This is different from the brochures placed at the table. To get the information, you have to walk to pick it up and read it. So from this it can be concluded that billboards attract more attention than many other media. Because the billboard is large Big letters.

2) Reach a large target audience

If the advertising signs is categorized It would be classified in the category of outdoor advertising media. Both in the form of posters, vinyl, billboards and more. Advertising signs in addition to attracting good attention. It is also free to find a placement that is suitable for the target audience. Therefore, before installing the billboards, it is necessary to analyze the target audience, such as car advertisements, if you want to publicize your customers about the latest cars. The basis may have to be a person of status. already have a car Therefore, this billboard may be placed as a large billboard along the expressway. in order to see thoroughly in all aspects

3) low cost

Many people wonder if making advertising signs is really low cost or not. Let me explain further that investing in one advertising sign may be more expensive than other media. But if you compare the quality with the quantity that needs to be produced, it can reduce the cost of production. by giving equal benefits And if the label is made of quality materials, it will last longer and be more worthwhile.

Types of advertising signs

1) Large billboards are large billboards along the general road, on tall buildings, and eye-catching intersections.

2) advertising signs pavement or cut out (Cut out) is a not very large sign. can be seen at eye level, such as a political campaign sign Storefront advertisements, etc.

3) Poster (Poster) is a printed media that looks like a single sheet. Printed on various paper sizes Can be pasted in different places

4) internet banner is an ad image of various sizes attached to various websites Internet advertising is popular nowadays. because a lot of people use the internet on popular websites There is direct income from collecting advertising fees. Advertising prices for each website vary depending on the website’s pricing. with from the hundreds to the millions ever

Things to consider before making an advertisement

1) the material of advertising signs

Advertising signs come in many forms. There are many types of materials used to make billboards as well. How to choose materials for advertising signs is not difficult, first you need to know what kind of signs we do. Do you want it to last a long time? It will be located inside or outside the building. What is your budget? Since each material has different properties and prices, for example, wood may be cheaper than vinyl cloth signs. But signs made of wood may not be suitable for high-altitude installations, for example for other sign materials such as aluminum panels. Acrylic plastic sheet, plastic sheet, etc.

2) Size of advertising sign

Sign size is very important for advertising sign because it is a factor that affects other parts. For example, if you want to use a large sign, the price will be high as well. because using larger materials The cost of producing other parts will be more expensive, but they have the same advantage: the ability to add more or larger text. including people can see more clearly So no matter the size Before ordering a billboard, you should definitely plan and design it first. how much you want people to see where to set in order to get an advertising banner at a reasonable price with quality and works well for its intended purpose

3) the message in the sign

Another thing that needs to be considered in making a billboard is the message that must convey what you really want to convey to the audience. by having to manage to allocate the area of ​​the billboard with the text that you want to put in order for the message to come out appropriately. Because if the text is dense, the letters will be smaller. Invisible and unreadable Therefore, the advertising message on the billboard is a point that should be given importance as well.

4) design sign

Nowadays, making billboards is quite convenient. For those with no design background at all, you can hire a design shop to design your ad. called almost complete both designing and producing a billboard

which according to the shop that has already designed the billboards, so there is not much to worry about Because the group of people who can do these jobs should have a design background and have a good sense of art. I will know what is right and what is not right. But for people who want to make their own billboards. Design is therefore extremely important. In principle, there is not much. should focus on creativity can convey good meaning And should design information that is organized, beautiful and clear, both text and illustrations.

5) Location of advertising sign

The purpose of the sign is to publish, publicize, advertise any product or service. so that the recipient can see Therefore, the place used to install the sign must be placed in a position that can be clearly seen by the general public. whether outside or inside the building Nothing should obscure the message and substance advertised on Advertising Signs.

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