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Using Mangastream to watch your favorite manga online has become more popular than ever before. Not only does it allow you to watch your favorite manga series, but you can also download manga to watch offline. You can also access a wide variety of features such as a video player, audio player, and even the ability to share the manga with other users.

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Almost a decade ago, mangastream was one of the most popular websites to read manga comics online. It offered comics in different genres. It also had a huge database of manga books. Eventually, though, it closed down.

The reason for the shutdown has not been officially stated. However, it’s likely that the owners of the site are trying to discourage readers from reading manga content from illegal sources. It’s also possible that the site is not entirely down, but only temporarily. In any case, there are other manga sites you can read on.


Previously known as Mangastream dot com, this website is an online comic book site that had a huge collection of manga books. However, the owner shut down the site a few months back due to copyright issues.

This website is a great place to read manga. You can read manga in several different genres, such as josei, shonen, and even seinen.

This website also has some unique features, including a surprise section. It also has a search bar that allows you to find manga comics by typing the first letter of the manga book name.


During the years of its existence, mangastream was considered a very popular website for those interested in manga comics. It had a clean and simple interface, offering a wide variety of manga comics, cartoons, and anime. The site also provided free service, so that readers could enjoy manga without paying a penny. But then it was closed down after copyright violations were reported.

It is no secret that manga has become extremely popular worldwide. In fact, it is one of the most influential forms of entertainment. The genre is known for its thrilling story-based characters, action, and love. Currently, manga comics can be read online or in print.


Among the many websites available to fans of manga, MangaHere is arguably the most popular. This service provides users with free access to more than 10000 manga series. The site also features manga news and discussions. It is also easy to use.

The service is available in several languages. Users can also choose their preferred language from the upper right hand corner of the homepage. It is also a free site that allows fans to climb the manga ranking.

It has a good number of genres, including science fiction and webtoons. Users can also post comments on manga images. The site also features a search bar at the top of the homepage.


Among the numerous manga reading websites, Mangairo is probably one of the most popular. This website provides a great collection of manga comics, and allows users to access the comics through their PC, mobile phone or tablet. The website has a relatively simple user interface, but does lack some complex functionality.

Another alternative to Mangairo is the MangaClub website. This site is free to use and offers a huge selection of manga comics. The website also offers free sample chapters. The comics are dubbed into English.

The website has a news section, which allows users to discuss manga comics with other users. It also has a forum section, where users can ask questions about manga comics.


Among the many manga websites, MangaEden is an exceptional website for manga lovers. It offers a wide range of manga genres. It is also easy to use and features a clean interface. Moreover, it is a free website.

As it is a free website, you can access it from any device. It is ad-free, which is important for users who want to avoid popping up ads while browsing the website. Another great feature of the site is that you can follow your favorite manga on the website. The site also features an A-Z directory, which helps you search for manga. The site also has an option to share comics with friends.


Until recently, one of the favorite places to read manga online was mangastream. But, it’s shut down. The reason is not known yet, but it may have been due to copyright issues from its original creators. Thankfully, there are still a lot of manga streaming sites available to you. These sites are a great alternative to mangastream. They have several good features and are available on different platforms. You can choose the one that suits your needs.

You can browse mangas according to genre. You can also find mangas that you love in different languages. There are several categories to choose from including romance, comedy, and horror. The website has a simple layout and it is easy to navigate. You can also get updates of new mangas and manga comics. You can also use the share option to share the mangas you love with other readers.

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