Lotus Silk Is The Rarest Fabric In The World


Nature is full of wonders and wonders are hidden in nature. We can realize that there are many wonders in the world. Everything has wonders that are hidden from us. Lotus is well known as a flower to us, but there is a hidden product of lotus silk. Just an amazing reality for us. Lotus can provide us with silk fabric that is delicate and rare. This silk is more valuable and expensive than other silk.Lotus silk is used for making many types of clothes. You can customize the designs and colors of lotus silk. Lotus silk is used for making scarf as well. The scarf is the most popular and fashionable cloths in the world. This dress is popular for women as well.

What you use is Lotus Silk?

Lotus silk is delivered from a lotus flower that often gets thrown away since people usually focus more on the flowers and the seeds. As this silk is light, breathable, water-repellent, temperature balancing, and does not wrinkle, this silk is good for making a scarf. You will get a feel of the robust nature and a very velvety feel. To get this unique and rare feel, you should use a lotus silk scarf. This silk is luxurious and demanded of everyone. Some countries are working by this luxurioussilk, such as Eastern India, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. It has a tedious process and limited sources. For this reason, lotus silk is a very rare and demanded fabric in this world. As lotus silk is very breathable, they are carefully collected and cleaned. This is a natural fabric that is extracted. By increasing the popularity of this silk, fabric industries are increasing their interest in lotus silk. This silk is made by maintaining a delicate process and the threads might break during any step of the process. So, it takes years of experience to learn and execute this craft. As scarf is the most popular for women, they love lotus silk scarf very much.

Importance Of Lotus Silk

Lotus has many special sides as the national flower of India, religious side, and cultural prospects. As it holdsreligious and cultural significance, it maintains its multipurpose nature and a metaphorical resemblance to the characteristic of a nobleman. This nobleman is not tarnished by the impurities of his surroundings and grows to its bloom irrespective of mud and dirt around it. In this pandemic situation, the lotusin Manipur, India, Bijayshanti Tong ram blooms amidst the mud and helps revive the economy of her village. It is very helpful for improving village women’s life by introducing the production of this beautiful golden thread. The government should give importance to this heritage of lotus silk for developing the economic sector in a country. As this silk is natural, friendly, profitable, and sustainable, it is perfect for everyone to wear.


Lotus silk is very soft to make a scarf that is breathable for every season. As it is a natural flower fiber, thus silk is a rare and highly exclusive fiber. So, you have to buy the scarf of lotus silk by investing a high amount of money. By the way, you can get a luxurious look by wearing this silk.

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