Learn Train Ticket Inquiry Process in Under 10 Minutes  

Seeing the endless number of people willing to travel by trains, we can see a widened gap in between seats available Vs the number of passengers per seat. The number of people traveling across the borders is continuously increasing. That is why it is essential to check in for an online train ticket booking inquiry before you plan any trip.  

The number of seats vacant in trains is as unpredictable as life. You can never know when you get lucky and find a center for yourself. It was pretty lengthy earlier to check the availability. But now, with the introduction of mobile applications, checking the status of available seats has become more accessible. 

Trainman is also a website-cum-application portal that allows you to book tickets, search trains, find train routes, check their approximate arrival times, stay updated on the PNR status, cancel tickets, etc. You can install the application on your mobile phone, and your train tickets can be booked at your fingertips.  

Why check seat availability in advance? 

Indian railways are the busiest mode of transportation among the various options available. IRCTC train ticket booking portal is filled with traffic because of the same. Whether it is an intraday travel, day-night trip, or a two-day long journey, people generally prefer rails because of their ease and comfort. The seats are comfortable, and the tracks are bump-free (evidently, they have to be).  

The IRCTC is the ruling body of railways management. It was established to facilitate the passengers so that asset management and crowd-handling could become more manageable. Lately, it has partnered with various private corporations that also offer similar facilities. Trainman’s application is a one-stop solution for all your doubts regarding railways.  

It is advisable to go through the Indian railway train ticket booking portal because the railway industry is on a spree to developing itself. There are various works, track improvements, engine checks, etc., that regularly go on. Also, the weather is unpredictable. There would be rains in one city and a bright sunny day in the other. 

These reasons can call for the cancelation of trains or delays as well.  

Also, we know about the Indian population. It is ever-increasing. There are so many people who will travel with you, before you, or after you, to the same destinations as you are. And they might have booked the seats in advance. There are chances that the seats are packed, and you do not get an opportunity to secure the seat you want.

so, it is vital that you keep a check on the seat availability status as soon as your trip is fixed.

Process of checking seat availability 

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has developed a portal that allows you to check the list of trains and the number of seats vacant in them. But, being a website run by the government, it sees hefty traffic of people booking their train tickets. This leads the website to crash most of the time.  

It becomes difficult and time-consuming for the passenger to log in again and again and still find no results. That is why IRCTC has allowed some partner concerns to run as a subsidiary offering Indian railways seat availability inquiry, ticket booking, PNR status checking, train route checking, and other similar services.  

The following is the process that you can follow to get your online train ticket booking problem solved.  

  • Open the application and sign in

Trainman’s mobile application is available for all iOS and Android phones. You can easily download it from Apple and Play stores. Once you download, you can find a bar where you need to enter the details of the train. Trainman only asks for the train number. But on other websites, it can include train number, quota, journey date, class, source location, and destination. You may be asked for a login id and password to open the app. So if you are a new user, you can create an account else enter the existing details.  

  • Click on get availability.  

Once you click on the “search” option, a complete detailed chart will dropdown. The details for the Indian railway seat availability inquiry for your train ticket booking will be mentioned as  

  • From station 
  • To station 
  • Quota 
  • Days when the train runs 
  • Fares for different classes 
  • Fill in the date and time

Trainman application shows the vacancy of seats and updated status for the next four months in a single view. You can select the day and time when you would like to travel. It will then precisely show you the number of seats empty till now and also the fare.  

  • Other details 

If you are satisfied and find the perfect train for yourself that suits your timetable, you can also book the tickets on the app. While booking the tickets, you can enter berth preference, avail of benefits for senior citizens, divyang tickets, etc.   

By following the steps mentioned above, you can feasibly know what train will suit you the best.   

Summing up  

Indians have always had the habit of being prepared in advance for anything and everything. Railways are pretty unpredictable, and it becomes essential to keep an eye for detail. And luckily, we can access everything on our phones. Unlike earlier, when people had to make round trips to the station or struggle with calling the government numbers, we can avoid all the hassle.  

Trainman application allows you to make any query on the app and gives you updated solutions. Once you book your ticket, you get a PNR number immediately on your phone and email. This is the entire itinerary of your train journey. The app also allows you to check your ticket status through the PNR number within seconds.  

So, everything from Indian railway online train ticket booking to ticket cancelation has become a one-step task on Trainman cfcnet App.

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