Simply put–Yes! Take a look at one of my blog posts that explains my thoughts in more detail. Visit Also, read this excerpt from Root Stock, volume IX, issue I 2009, by Dan Sullivan. It says a lot about why choosing organic foods is a must: “Human health care costs are rising meteorically, global warming is threatening our future, lack of safe clean water is spreading globally, and famine-plagued regions will continue to haunt us.

When you choose organic, you are doing more than buying the best food. You are investing in answers to four huge problems: Nutrition, Global warming, Famine Prevention, Ecological Sustainability. Regarding Nutrition: Organic food help protect against childhood maladies, such as obesity and type-II diabetes.

Mounting evidence shows that organic produce, for example, has more macro- and micronutrients, more cancer-fighting antioxidants and flavonoids, increased levels of beneficial phytochemicals, fewer nitrates and far fewer pesticide residues than its conventional counterparts.” Blend all of the ingredients together and serve.

This isn’t quite a smoothie, but rather a smooth, truly divine creation that tastes just like cream cheese. Enjoy it with fresh celery and carrots, dehydrated flax crackers, or another favorite raw snack. For the last eight years, Matt Monarch has been a 100% raw food eater. As the owner of The Raw Food World and Living Nutritionals, he is well versed in people’s needs and concerns about health.

Lastly comment

Matt was featured in a raw food TV spot that aired over 15 times on Al Gore’s new television network, Current TV. This spot can be viewed at Matt’s website.

If you are unsure, an online butcher will usually say if their produce is organic or not

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