Importing from China to USA:Customs & Duties

In recent years, China has gained popularity for importing multiple goods, and by the time it is increasing. One of the best-importing companies from China to the USA is JustChinaIt. The United States retailers love to sell Chinese goods because they benefit from it.

This blog is all about importing goods from China to the USA. Here are some essential points that you need to know:

Declare value:

Declare value is the value based on this. You have to pay taxes. This value depends upon the price of goods. The tax directly depends on the cost of goods. The product with low rates, fewer taxes you have to pay.

Important points to know before importing goods: 

Here is some preliminary information to be noticed.

You should know the following if you want to import products from China to the USA.

1. Select commercial products:

It would help if you were careful before choosing the product as some goods need authorization from the government as they do not comply with regulations. In addition, it would help if you took legal actions to import these products.

2. Prepare your documentation:

After deciding the products, you need to determine the licenses required for products import. Sometimes these licenses are unnecessary, so you do not need to manage these permits.

3. Get the help of a customs broker: 

Till now, we have decided on the product and the license, directly its time to get the help of a customs broker. These brokers help you’re important so easy. They allow you to communicate between you and the government agencies and complete the required paperwork for you.

 4. File Importer Security filling: 

After talking to the government and completing the paperwork, it’s time to submit the documents before the shipment leaves the port. These documents should contain the necessary details. If you don’t do that, you have to face some difficulties.

7. Submit other import documents: 

Now it’s time to complete the documentation. Again, we ensure that you have submitted all documents after the goods reach the destination port.

These documents include;

1) invoice,

2) packing list,

3) commercial invoice,

4) nationality certificate,

5) custom bond,

6) delivery form.

6. Set your pick-up! 

As the goods are imported from China to the U.S., You should manage to pick up your products and deliver them directly to your resellers by a commercial cargo company. It may be challenging to figure out at first, but it is indeed worth your time to learn how to move goods from China to the U.S. and clear customs there.

Be careful of customs fines: 

You should pay attention to custom fines and be sure you pay them on time.

You should notify the shipment within 15 days of the arrival of the products. If you did not finish this within 15 days, customs might question you regarding goods.

At this time, the GONO must clear the customs clearance. In the case of products enter in the supervision warehouse. You will be charged the following fees.

  1. Demurrage fee
  2. Returning cabinet fee
  3. Warehouse loading fee.
  4. Cost of warehouse storage and containers.

Last But Not Least:

This blog is all about importing goods from China to the USA. Customs clearance may be a complex process for you, but this blog helps you get a clear understanding of importing goods. For more details, visit Shenzhen market .

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