If you have a fever then these herbal tablets are for you

It is really very tiring to get a cold or a fever. The muscles pain, the running nose and abnormal temperatures are just some of the early symptoms of a fever. How do you feel when you hear of the term ‘fever’? It is very painful and the side effects of the allopathic medicines become much more painful. There are herbal tablets that can be used to cure the fever.

The ayurvedic medicines are the most ancient form of medical science that use nature as the shield to fight with different issues of the body. In this blog, the kinds of herbal tablets that one can take if he suffers from fever will be discussed.

Do you know the importance and history of ayurvedic medicines?

The human body goes through different physical and mental states while fighting with the fever. Although the body has its own antibodies and separate healing procedures, at times, it becomes difficult for the body to provide enough antibody support and healing. It needs more external energy to get rid of the fever.

Ayurveda is the oldest form of medicinal value. It helps the body to deal with different situations by different means such as yoga, herbal tablets and much more. But be warned, some of the herbal tablets may contain some toxic material and must only be used after your doctor prescribes it for you.

What are herbal tablets?

Herbal tablets are basically the medicine that is sold in the form of tablets that are made of using different herbal products and with a reasonably less amount of chemicals in them. People in the ancient ages used different natural substances to cure fever, such as tulsi tea, coriander seeds, ginger soup, moringa and many more.

But, as the days passed, people started looking for something that can save time and life as well. Thus, the use of different chemicals and compounds were used to make the allopathic medicines. But, as known earlier, every chemical has some of the other chemical reaction that is not good for the health.

Thus, people are now moving again to the option of herbal tablets if there is enough time. The Kerala Ayurveda has developed some exceptional herbal tablets using the extract of medicinal plants such as Guduchi, jamun, turmeric, amla, and many more to cure fever, acute fever, and viral fever.

As the rule goes with other tablets in the market, the herbal tablets must also be taken in proper dosages and the person must complete the dose while undergoing the Ayurveda treatment. As it supports the body naturally, this treatment fights with the core problem and cures the person.

Herbal tablets that help in reducing fever

Mentioned below are some of the herbal tablets which have been showing great improvements in patients who are suffering from a mild to high fever.

  • The Glymin tablets give glycaemic balance to the human body. It comes in a box of 60 tablets.
  • The Alsactil tablets are of high value when it comes to the cure of fevers.
  • RG Forte tablets are well known for treating acute to high fevers.
  • Clear 10 Tablets
  • Histantin tablets
  • Kaisora Vatakam tablets
  • Gokshuradi Guggulu tablets

These are some of the highly effective tablets used for the treatment of fever; however, this must be taken with proper guidance from the doctor.


The herbal tablets are made with different important herbs that help the body to cope up with the temperatures and some of them even fight bacteria and germs. Ayurvedic medicines have given the world herbal tablets that are worth taking. It is a way of natural healing.

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