Huawei Mini Speaker

At the nova 5 series conference on June 21, Huawei also brought a variety of peripheral products, including the mini Bluetooth speakers customized for nova 5. As its name suggests, the Huawei mini Bluetooth speaker is very compact, with a height of only 56mm and a diameter of only 50mm. It also has a suspended design and can be carried with you. At the same time, there is only a switch button and a red and blue indicator light on the surface.

TWS true wireless technology

Huawei mini speakers can be paired in pairs through TWS true wireless technology. The main selling point is a natural pair with a dual-sound surround; dual-speakers can be easily paired to enjoy stereo sound.

In May, Honor also launched a Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker with equivalent functions. Both speakers have the TWS teaming function. What is the difference between the two speakers and how is the internal workmanship? With these questions, let’s find out.

One, Huawei mini speaker out of the box 

There is a rendering of the product on the outsourcing box. The color we bought is Qijing Forest (officially advertised). Compared with the business card of, we can guess the volume of the speaker. At the top is the product name Huawei mini speaker, and at the bottom, there are three main selling points, namely, small size, large volume, dual combination stereo, and high-quality heavy bass. 

There is a white transparent hook on the top of the box, which is convenient for display on the store shelves. From top to bottom on the back are product features, product specifications, and corporate information.

There are anti-counterfeiting labels and barcode stickers on the bottom of the Huawei mini Bluetooth speaker box. Each product has an independent and unique SN number, which is convenient for querying product batches. The speaker model is CM510, and the color is Qijing Forest. It was produced in June 2019 and is freshly released. 

Unpack the box, take out the Huawei mini speaker, in addition to a lanyard, a USB charging cable, and a quick guide to use instructions.

The USB charging cable

a white short cable, uses the MicroUSB standard interface, which can be used with mobile phone chargers and mobile power supplies to supply power to Huawei’s mini speakers. 

The power button and indicator light are on the side of the speaker.

The small hole next to the MicroUSB charging port is the call microphone, and the two small holes below are the lanyard holes. 

The soundhole of the top horn is composed of several small round holes.

A close-up of the indicator light of the Huawei mini speaker. 

A close-up of the charging interface, showing the internal 5 Pin contact point.

The nameplate on the bottom of the Huawei mini speaker is printed with the product name, model, input power, CMIIT ID, CCC certification, and place of origin. Carrying the printed nameplate is also the low-frequency radiator of the speaker. 

The mobile phone charger is used to charge the Huawei mini speaker. The charging voltage and current are 5.08V and 0.35A, and the power is 1.778W through the test of the Chargerlab POWER-Z portable ammeter.

1. Disassembly of the Huawei mini speaker 

There is only one seam in the body of the Huawei mini speaker, and there is often a seam, which is a breakthrough for disassembly. With the help of an electric cutting tool, use a little force to cut two openings in the upper cover, pry open the aluminum alloy upper cover, and separate the upper and lower parts. 

The internal black structural parts are exposed, and the screws and glue fixing traces can be seen in this part. 

A close-up of the sound guide hole, showing a thin dust-proof net to prevent foreign matter from entering.

Continue to unscrew the screws and separate the speaker enclosure from the middle. It can be seen that the upper and lower parts are fixed by buckling and screwing, plus many structural strengthening treatments, which enhance the strength of the shell and guarantee its firmness. A layer of foam is added at the seam. 

Remove the two pieces, and the internal circuit part of the Huawei mini speaker reveals the whole picture.

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