How Your Personality Affects Your Decisions

There are around 7.8 billion people on this planet, all of whom differ in many ways. However, over the years, psychologists have come up with many personality typologies that group people into certain categories.

Although you may not be familiar with all personality types, you’ve probably heard that people can be labeled as either extroverts or introverts. Also, another group of people known as ambiverts has entered the picture to accommodate those who can’t be easily sorted into the two main categories.

Your personality type can affect everything you do in life to a large degree, and decision-making is one of those things. Read on to learn which type you relate to the most and how it may influence your decisions.


According to experts, extroverts are people who are open to the world and gladly interact with others. They are full of energy, and they don’t mind changes — quite the opposite! Their brains constantly require some sort of stimulation to keep them going.

Before making a decision, extroverts talk to many people and ask for their input. They also prefer having many different opinions and testing them for some time before they adopt an attitude and defend it loud and clear.

For instance, if you offer them to pick online games to play, extroverts would probably choose House of Fun: free casino slots & casino games due to the long list of attractive titles this app offers.


Introverts are the exact opposite of extroverts — they prefer solitude to being surrounded by others. They don’t like talking to people too much, and they work best when alone, with nothing but their thoughts to keep them company.

Although it may seem that introverts have a hard time making decisions, it can’t be further from the truth. Introverts are used to thinking everything through without anyone’s help or advice. Moreover, they are more likely to listen to their gut, as it’s often all they can rely on.

Since they aren’t blinded by other people’s opinions, introverts are usually quite good at decision-making. This can be easily noticed by observing introverts playing games like Poker Heat, where you aren’t allowed to get anyone’s assistance and have to decide on your own.


Ambiverts, also known as omniverts, are people who can’t be easily associated with either extroverts or introverts. Simply, ambiverts have traits from both worlds and can easily switch from an extrovert to an introvert and vice versa.

This switch can happen based on the situation, atmosphere, other people’s company, and other outer triggers. However, it can also happen due to the ambivert’s mood, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and more.

When it comes to decision-making, being an ambivert may sound like a genetic lottery. On the surface, a person that has both introvert and extrovert characteristics can use them accordingly. However, not every ambivert knows how to successfully switch between the two sides of their personality, which sometimes may lead to indecisiveness, even regarding basic daily things.

How to Make the Best Out of Your Personality Type

Once you find out what your personality type is, you can use it to make better decisions in any aspect of your life. The examples above about the choice of games are only a part of the bigger picture, and if you’re interested to find out more about this phenomenon, this article provides detailed information.

Yet, you should go deeper and learn all the traits of your personality. You can read books about it written by the world’s best psychologists, watch videos on this topic, or even ask a psychologist to help you out and clarify things for you. 

Once you learn all there is to know about your type, you’ll learn what skills you should work on for your decision-making processes to be faster and more precise.

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