How We Develop Your Blockchain Solution

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, custom blockchain development can help you secure and share data in a tamperproof way. It also eliminates the need for a third-party intermediary.

But there are several things you should consider before implementing a blockchain solution. These include the consensus mechanism, cost, developer requirements and expected timeline.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is the process of identifying and defining the solutions that an organization needs to deliver the most value. These solutions can range from changing the organization’s structure to improving the business process.

In this process, a business analyst works closely with stakeholders throughout the project to ensure that the solution is appropriate for their needs. This can include a company’s managers and executives, employees and IT professionals.

The process also involves eliciting information from these stakeholders, which is then analyzed and synthesized to identify and resolve any potential issues. The resulting insights can then be shared with the stakeholders and used for making effective business decisions.

Requirements Analysis

Requirements analysis is a crucial step in the process of developing a new product. This step involves gathering expectations from the various stakeholders and identifying what the project needs to accomplish.

Requirement analysis is a process that can be used to identify issues in a product and fix them before they become a big problem. It is also a tool for determining which features should be prioritized, based on their importance and impact to the project.

A good requirements analysis plan will help you avoid many common pitfalls in software development, including misaligned goals and conflicting objectives. It will also ensure that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of what the project is trying to achieve.

Requirements analysis is a vital process for any software project. Without it, there is a good chance that you will end up with a software product that does not comply with what the customer/end user expected. This could cause a lot of hassle and even legal action in the future.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the process of using various tools and indicators to analyze market activity. It helps you understand the direction of a security’s price based on historical data.

It can help you identify areas of support and resistance (lots of buying interest and selling pressure). This is useful when determining entry and exit points.

Traders can also use different types of charts to see patterns and trends. Candlestick charts are especially useful because they can show traders a lot of information across multiple time frames.

Unlike fundamental analysis, which examines the financials of a company, technical analysts usually focus on short-term trading opportunities. They look for statistical patterns on stock charts that might foretell future price and volume moves.


Implementation of a blockchain solution is a process that requires collaboration with project stakeholders, technical lead, business and product owners. It also requires a thorough testing of the underlying infrastructure and applications.

After the initial planning phase, a blockchain project can go through several iterations to ensure that it satisfies all requirements. This includes rewriting or modifying existing code to build a new blockchain network, developing smart contracts that automate business processes and data exchanges, and developing web and mobile apps for interacting with the blockchain software.

The choice of a blockchain network type (private, public, and hybrid) is usually based on the requirements assembled by the client. Its selection should take into account the volume of data that needs to be stored on the blockchain and its implication on performance, storage, and security.


The implementation process starts with testing the blockchain application on a test network. Then, team oversees containerization of the blockchain components for deployment and integration with regular software infrastructure. Lastly, the team performs real network testing in front of a client.

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