How Upcoming Features will Make UPDF a More Powerful PDF Editor

Adding new features to software is always essential for running that software in the long term. Because overtime requirements of work change, there is always room for additions. UPDF, a free PDF editor, is going to change too. What if you get all the magical features in one software? UPDF is also coming up with some more amazing features that you will add to your work.

An overview of UPDF:

You must be thinking, what is UPDF? One of the best and easy-to-use free PDF editors, UPDF. It is a solution for head-scratching file conversions from PDF. You need not worry about editing and annotating PDF files when UPDF is installed in your system.

It not only edits but also manages large data and files. You can organize your files doubtlessly now. You have full control over editing, replacing, and cropping an image other than text. What more can you get without spending a single buck? You have to press a download button and install this editor.

1. Edit Text and Images in PDF for Free

If you have needs to make changes to the text and images in a PDF document, you may think about to use a software. Maybe the first software you think is Adobe Acrobat PDF editor, but later you will find that it is too expensive and you can’t afford it. Then you may looking for some online PDF editor, but then you find that it is not safe to upload the PDF to internet and the online PDF editor is not really free. When you are using some tools, it asks you to upgrade to the premium version.

So UPDF is your best choice, it is the real free PDF software and you can edit PDF totally free. Don’t need to worry anything about the safety.

You can edit the text easily and change the font, font size, color, bold, alignment etc. For the image, you can rotate, extract, crop, delete, cut it as you like.

2. View and Annotate PDF

UPDF gives you four reading modes:

  • Single Page
  • Two Page View
  • Scrolling
  • Two Page Scrolling

You can read the PDF documents easily. When you read PDF documents, you can add annotations, markups and comments to your PDF documents. UPDF allows you add the following annotations:

  • Add notes to PDF, add text boxes to PDF, add typewriter to PDF document.
  • Highlight PDF texts, strikethrought PDF texts, underline PDF texts, etc.
  • You can also draw on a PDF document. Draw on line, arrow, rectangle, oval, and other shapes on PDF.

3. Manage PDF Pages

Sometimes you need to manage the pages of a PDF document. There are many reasons that you want to rotate a page, extract a PDF page, delete a PDF page. Don’t worry, UPDF can help you.

You can enter into the page management mode, and select the page you want to manage, and select the option.

Few worthy upcoming features of UPDF:

Some of the new upcoming features of UPDH:

1: OCR:

You must be aware of the extensive use of optional character reader OCR in recognition of documents and data entries. UPDF is coming with this latest system.

How is OCR essential technology for editing?

OCR helps in making any document editable and readable. It recognizes the different fonts and characters in the given data. You can easily add any image or text to any data you have. It enables you to copy-paste and make other changes as you need.

Another important task of OCR is recognizing any PDF file lost in bulk. You can scan to get that file. So congratulations, soon you will have this amazing tool in your favorite free PDF editor.

2: Enhanced protection of your content:

Suppose you are looking for a secure editor, then there is nothing like UPDF. Soon, you can get more protection for your private and confidential files.

To avoid any unauthorized breach, it enables you to open documents through your face ID and other different passcodes and locks.

3: Quick format exchange:

With the new upcoming feature of UPDF, you can now change the format of the documents in no time. If you are making any documents or data into one type of format in PDF, UPDF support will support the transformation of PDF files in another setup.

4: Form filling with more adequacy:

You will appreciate this feature of UPDF as it is related to forms and electronic signs. You often need to fill out the form online and do your e-sign, which becomes a problem.

After adding this feature, you will be able to fill and sign a form in PDF without getting worried and any disturbance.

It also provides different ways of signing and editing the form. You can select the required type for your convenience.

Take away:

New features of UPDF will make it more dynamic, capable, and authoritative. You can trust this free PDF editor compared to other expensive editors as it has all the features you will use in PDF file editing.

The users of UPDF are already in awe after using this application. They are satisfied and are anxiously waiting for the new features.

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