Nothing brightens up a house more than natural light and fresh air. It gives the house a more relaxed yet appealing look. Being cooped up in your rooms with the blinds perpetually closed can prevent you from witnessing the magical weather outside.

Natural light is primarily a delight during the monsoons and the winter season when it is light and not bothersome in the least. Natural lighting also reduces the growth of harmful bacteria in the house. It is no secret that artificial lights can tweak the look of your home; however, nothing matches the vitality and grace of natural lighting.

With so many high-rise buildings coming up, people can never get enough natural light. So, if your home enables this luxury, you must count yourself lucky. Interior designers in Bangalore have helped people incorporate ideas into their homes that use natural light to elevate their interior. The most immediate effect of these lights is the space looking bigger.

Surveys have revealed that natural lighting is essential for most families and will pay a higher price to acquire homes that facilitate it. Imagine having enormous windows and light seeping through it to breathe life into the furniture and other aspects of the home.

Natural lighting is also an excellent means to harbour your plants. Interior designers in Bangalore advocate using plants as ornaments around the house because they amp up the features of a room and keep pollution at bay.


Using natural light is not an arbitrary move for architects and interior designers. These professionals strategically design your home to play with lights and shadows. In most cases, the house revolves around it. The house will look completely different at night. The natural light makes the space look even better.

  • You do not necessarily have to stick to standard size windows. You can get creative with the window placement and means to let the light penetrate through your home. Deliberate designing is a discipline that studies the different appearances of light throughout the day. Practising it can help you reap the maximum benefits of having natural lighting at home.
  • Skylights are a roaring trend that emits light through translucent glass, and one can even take a peek at the sky. It enables ventilation and the most stunning possible look. This type of lighting can make a significant difference to the appeal of your home, depending on the angle it’s built. Consider these tips from Clear-Vue Skylights when you’re deciding where to position your skylight.
  • You could also place your windows higher than usual and on the exterior walls of the house. The elevation is a source of increased lighting because it is at a more direct angle when the sun hits the window at that angle. It is also more secure and gives the family more privacy.
  • You can also use nature as art. By employing large picture frame windows, instead of using life-sized paintings and ornaments, one can rely on nature to be the perfect frame ever. The lighting that enters your home will complement the furniture and instantly boost your mood. It also induces positivity among people.
  • Throw more focus on having windows than walls. It keeps you connected to the outside world and makes the entire process worth the trouble.


Use these tips to elevate your home’s look with natural lighting.

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