How to Use Savvy Color Combinations to Make Your Window Decals Stand Out

Color combinations are vital tools for brands. The right color combinations can make brands more striking to target audiences. Modern-day consumers are visual beings. The right colors and designs evoke their emotions and compel them to make purchase decisions.

According to an NYU study published in Forbes, colors are the most vital factors in brand identity systems. Brand identity systems refer to the images, logos, fonts, etc., companies use on their marketing materials.

Color combinations can be extremely useful on physical marketing materials like stickers, banners, or decals. Thanks to advancements in digital decal-printing technology, companies can choose from hundreds of colors while designing their decals.

Ideally, the colors you use on your custom window decals should –

  • Make Your Windows Stand Out: You may install decals on your store’s windows to attract customers. Or you can install them inside office windows for branding purposes. Either way, the color of the decals must make your windows stand out from their surrounding elements. For instance, if there are black and white billboards around your store, installing multi-colored decals on its windows makes sense.
  • Follow Specific Color Codes:Professional ad designers and graphic artists always use specific color codes for specific tasks. Following these codes makes their jobs easier. For instance, a company may have a specific color code for celebrating festivals. Thankfully, vinyl decals are extremely cheap. Business owners can easily order multiple decals with different color combinations and use them periodically. Removable decals are easy to attach/detach. Use decals with different color codes on specific occasions. People who see the decals every day will observe these patterns and associate certain colors with your brands and offers.
  • Display Neighborhood Themes:Using relevant colors on your decals is a smart way of gaining foot traffic. For instance, if your store is near a football stadium, use the team’s colors in your decals. The colors will attract the fans of the sports team and other residents.

How to Pick the Right Color Combinations for My Decals?

To pick the right color combos for your decals, you’ll need to learn color theory. This complex theory is hard to understand, but let’s assess the basics.

There are two types of colors in color combinations – analogous and complementary.

  • Smart graphic designers use analogous colors to create comprehensive design schemes. For instance, analogous colors like red, yellow, or bright orange create a sense of passion. But, these colors don’t contrast each other well. That’s why reading red-colored text on yellow or orange backgrounds feels uncomfortable.
  • Complementary colors, as the name suggests, complement analogous colors. Colors like blue, light green, etc., look great next to red, orange, yellow, and other analogous colors.

White and black are two colors that don’t fall into either of these categories. They can make all colors “pop out” from your decals. Here are some other color combos that look great on custom decals –

  • Light yellow and deep purple
  • Deep blue and light orange
  • Light red and light green
  • Dark blue and white

The safest option is to partner with professional graphic designers who can pick the right color combos for your decals. Also, make sure that your decal seller offers online tools that allow you to pick specific colors for your decals.

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